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Greenflame24 Custom
Published 4 months ago
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I think we can all agree that Greenflame has been a Legendary MecaBricker.
I wanted to make a custom for 3 reasons, A: you haven't made a literal Sig fig in a while B: you're my friend and I thought it'd be fun, and C: well, thats confidential

I'm so gald that you've stuck with Mecabricks, when so many other's have come and gone. Dude, I think this comes from all of us when I say, it's been a joy to know you

you'll find out what this means later, hint, it has to do with the project...
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27 pieces
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4 months ago
@Ncatz, Thank you! yes it is

@Guitarman, Thanks!

@Justy, Certainly certainly naturally certainly
4 months ago
Great custom, Fireblade! Good old Greeny, wouldn't be the same without you.
4 months ago
noice custom!
(can someone tell me how to color text?)
4 months ago
its [color=(insert color if its a hex code have a # before) ] then you write your text then [/ color]
4 months ago
@D_R, Thank you!

@BedAndBreckfest, yes, it is quite green
4 months ago
First off... I don't know what to think of the SwordBat
. That's just awesome
Second, that pen is so cool... and creepy... almost looks like an Imperial Vaccine O_O... execute order 666...
... Jk... not sure how many will get that...
Third, I'm assumming (I mean assuming) that is a retro style ASTROS hat... and it's cool
Third, my hair is quite light, which creates and interesting vibe...
Fifth, I just literally made two third comments O_O
Sixth, I'm going to have to check and see if there is anything inside that book
Seventh, THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Dragon Thank you! Though... aren't things sometimes better different
?Hello There

*coughing from back of the room*

Me: Gracious goodness...

Random dude: You've got to be kidding me... I didn't even get an honorable mention?!?!

Me: Uh, what's there to honor?

Random dude: Are you challenging me?

Me: Mark, it, down.

Random dude: *pulls out knife* I'm gonna mark it down alright!

Me: Isn't that Justy's knife?

Random dude: Uh...

Me: Are you a thief!

InnerChristmasElf: Am I going to have to put someone on the check-twice-list?

Random dude: I'm leaving...

Me: Great!
4 months ago
@Greenie, idk what to say!
*excited R2 noises*
4 months ago
so THAT'S where my knives went.
I've just been using the regular pieces instead of the ones I had, with the fancy shmancy black handles!
4 months ago
ignites saber

@Justy Well... he's run off with them again now O_O
3 months ago
Yeaahh, Greenie!! Nice job!
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