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Episode 1: The Workshop
Published 9 months ago
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Hello! Welcome to the first episode of the Mecabricks beginner series.
For this episode I will be helping you out with the workshop.
To start:
- Open a new tab that you can refer to that and this page.
- Go to Mecabricks
- Click on "workshop" at the top of page, next to the Meacbricks logo.

Right, I will now show you how to use the workshop:
- Click on this link where it will show you what everything does I will go into more detail below, just follow the numbers as a key: https://www.flickr.com/photos/185675971@N04/50159405532/in/dateposted-public/

1) This is the scene where the bricks can be moved around and placed to form your model.
2) This is where you can get bricks out and place them into the scene.
3) Each type of brick is categorised, so this drop down will allow you to find other bricks.
4) Once you have placed a brick into the scene you can color it using this tab by choosing the color you want to give it. If you want to make it transparent or give it a different material property, click the drop down that says "solid" and choose the one you want.
5) You can find everything you have placed into your scene here, including cameras and lights. (more on that later)
6) a) the current selected tool you have can only select one object at a time (unless you hold down ctrl) this can allow you to change something to the bricks.
b) This allows more complicated bricks to snap together without you having to perfectly move them into place.
c) This adds a light source. *
d) This adds a camera. *don't worry about these until next episode on rendering
7) If you want to take pictures whilst you build.
8 ) This can change the way you move bricks in the scene
9) This allows you to move objects faster/ in more detail. e.g. the large one moves one brick stud, medium half a brick stud and small is used to move bricks to anywhere you wish, but is less accurate
10) This allows you to switch between editing bricks and rendering. *
11) This allows you to search for bricks.

So, you made it to the end! Thank you! If you have any questions, do ask in the comments below IN DETAIL so I can try to help you out!
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9 months ago
Ohhhhhhh I get it now
9 months ago
Okay, that was pretty well done! Also, yay! You got your username!
9 months ago
@MrBrick is that sarcasm or what din't you get?
Thanks guys!
9 months ago
@TheGecko7 When you put an 8 next to a ) you get the sunglasses emoji dude, i had seen it before in some models with lists, and now i understand why
9 months ago
It was a mistake on my part, I had to correct it!
9 months ago
That’s awesome, very good my boy, very good!

P.S. I don’t normally talk like that.
9 months ago
Bruh... you nailed it

Love this tutorial. Still need the basics sometimes
9 months ago
Thanks! I had to rush it cause I forgot it had to be released, so I'm glad everyone likes it!
9 months ago
Awesome!! This is a great idea

Do you want add grouping and duplication?
9 months ago
I could do, but I'm going on holiday today, so probably not for a week or so.
9 months ago
@TheGecko7, Cool! Just wondering
8 months ago
Nice! I like the clarity. Easy to understand.
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