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Meca-Royale Contest
Published 1 month ago
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Okay peeps, I'm here with a brand new kind of contest, The Meca-Royale! I have been playing Royale games for a little while now so I decided I would make a contest on it, whoever wins will get a custom minifig of their choice from me!

1. Your Minifig must be aquiped with a Melee Weapon, (sword, axe, spear etc.) A gun, (you can get some from SimaI https://www.mecabricks.com/en/user/simai But be sure to credit him
) and they must have some kind of glider (mine has an Umbrella

2. No Swearing, Stealing models our anything that would be mean, Or ElSe...

3. HaVe FuN!
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1 month ago
Hm... this seems interesting
I could probably just modify my own sig fig a bit.
I'll get to work on it when I can.
I remember when I played fortnite, back in season nine, I had a killier strategy that I called the "ramp rush" where I placed a thousand ramps all around while I rushed a player....
master of confusion, they called me...
Have you been playing fortnite, that’s a rhetorical question you don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to and I’ll make a character it seems fun
4 weeks ago
Thank you everybody!
3 weeks ago
When are going to pick the winner
3 weeks ago
Okay peapods! this ends on the 10th of June, so keep sending in your models and then a Winner will be picked
3 weeks ago
Thanks, I saw it!
2 weeks ago

Also @justyouraveragebuilder as a german student myself, did you spell "sehr" wrong or is that an alternate spelling?
twas an oopies....
hehe, lived in Deutschland for a year...
forgot my deutsch...
2 weeks ago
It end on the 10th he just hasn't released the winners yet.
2 weeks ago
Oh dearie, silly justy! Understandable, I'm no bilingual speaker myself. You def speak better than me, having lived in Germany for a year! I've always wanted to visit!
2 weeks ago
I forgot about this, I will announce the winner tomorrow,
1 week ago
I really don't mean to be rude while I say this but you said 3 days ago you would announce the winner tomorrow and you never did.
1 week ago
Doing it right now
1 week ago
I am really busy in summer, thats why I hadn't posted it yet,
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