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Chapter I
Published 2 months ago
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Time: 2:09 p.m. Date: 5-16-22

Starborn, Justy, KoA and Ncatz (or WhySoSerious, that was pretty good
”) sat around a table in a corner of Buddy’s Arcade and Pizza.
“Auuugh!” Starborn tapped his fingers repeatedly on the table. “Where the H-E-Double Hockey-sticks is my pizza!?!?”
“Chill bro.” KoA chuckled. “you need to work on your patience.”
“Be quiet, you’re just happy cause you all got yours first!” Starborn replied harshly.
“It sure was good” Justy said, picking his teeth with his knife. “why don’t you take you’re anger out on that Claw machine?”
“Are you freakin kidding? Those machines cheat, everything is so stupidly heavy you can’t even pick it up!”
“Well excuse me for trying to help.” Justy said under his breath.
“It’s okay, I’m gonna go get some fresh air, text me when/if my pizza comes.” Starborn said, leaving the building.
The air was cool, a slight breeze blew through Starborns hair, a rumble in his stomach reminded him of his belated pizza. Starborn walked towards his car dragging his feet across the dark asphalt pavement.
“Excuse me?” A voice said from behind him.
“Huh?” Starborn Swiftly turned around, standing behind him was a young teen wearing a hole-y, black hoodie, he was holding a silver, tin cup which contained a couple round coins.
“Please sir, I haven’t had a meal in two days” he said, holding the cup up to Starborn.
“Sorry kid, I left my wallet in the arcade.” Starborn shrugged.
“then what’s that?” The kid said, pointing to a bulge in Starborns pockets.
“Huh?” Starborn reached into his pocket. “Oh, I guess I do have my wallet.” Starborn said pulling his wallet out.
As Starborn shuffled through his wallet, three motorcycles pulled into the barren parking lot.
“Mr Starborn.” A deep voice said over Starborns shoulder.
“Yes?” Starborn responded, turning around, in front of him stood three bulky men dressed in titanium armor.
“Come with me.” the tallest one said calmly, an eerie scream erupted from behind starborn, he turned to see the kid running off as fast as his legs could go, one of the men pulled out a rifle and aimed for the kid, Bang! The kid fell to the cold pavment
“What do you think you are doing!” Starborn Yelled.
“That’s none of your business.” the taller one said, pulling out a sword and holding it to Starborns chest. “check him boys.”
The other two men punched Starborn in the stomach and yanked his arms behind his back and frisked him.
“Nothing sir.”
“Good! Now any of your friends here?” The Leader asked.
“No.” Starborn gasped for air.
“LIAR!” The leader sliced Starborn across the face.
“Argh!” Starborn Flinched.
“Now, I’m gonna ask you one more ti…”
“Hey Punk, What the H-E-Double-Hockey-sticks you doing!” A familiar voice yelled from behind Starborn.
KoA, Ncatz and Justy emerged from behind a car.
“There you are, I was wondering when you would turn up!” The leader chuckled wickedly.
The three remaining friends rushed the men attempting to bring them down. BANG! SLASH! WHAM!
Justy and Ncatz Dropped to the ground and were quickly cuffed, KoA stood alone in the empty parking lot, his three friend lay limp on the ground.
“Argh!” Justy struggled to get up, “Run KoA, RUN!”
KoA took off running… BANG!… BANG!…BANG! KoA fell to the ground…

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for chapter two!
Have a great day, #GodBless!
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2 months ago
dang, love it! (could be a little more detailed, but it's great!
2 months ago
Thanks, I know, I am not the best at writing
2 months ago
@KoA doesn't know what he's talking about. this is AWESOME!
although to be fair, I would have put up a better fight, and also be killed without killing any of the bad guys.
2 months ago
Nice! Now i HATE to be that guy, but um… in the next chapter could you use my current fig? If its too many pieces ill make a casual version for this story but could you use my most recent one? (Ill send the link)
2 months ago
Obhahamahamster: Thanks, maybe

Justy: I had a creativity block at the fight scene

WhySoSerious/Ncatz, Sure, I can use that Sig fig, also That kid might not be dead...
2 months ago
I’m I the boy?
2 months ago
BB22: No, you are not
2 months ago
1 month ago
I Right the machines are Crazy, and the peapole call me MAD.
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