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American Desert Tank
Published 4 months ago
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My first big build. A modern American desert service tank, not modeled after any specific tank. (If someone could upload some better renders, it'd be greatly appreciated!)
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396 pieces
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4 months ago
Thanks JmanBricks! another great rendering!
4 months ago
Than you! your stuff is a lot of fun to render!
4 months ago
That scene set up is really cool but make sure you hit the render button and then download the file.

P.S you probably already know this but I figured I could try to help!
4 months ago
All your help is really appreciated, dude. I have a potato for a computer, so it couldn't render the little scene I set up, so I just took a screenshot. If you ever want me to build something for you, don't hesitate to just ask! Also, amazing rendering by HiddenBricker!
4 months ago
Oh I see bummer also thank you. If you want anything rendered I love doing renderings!
4 months ago
Thanks! What's your PCs' specs? Like RAM and graphics? I used to render scenes like I did above on a PC with less than 1 GB of RAM and literally no graphics card xD
4 months ago
I'm running on an iMac
processor: 4.2 GHz intel core 7
graphics: radeon pro 580 8GB
memory: 40GB
4 months ago
Wow! That's way enough to be able to render something!
4 months ago
yeah, but the render had 4096+ pieces, and I'm not exactly master render-er.
4 months ago
The MecaBricks render or another one? I just tried the MecaBricks rendering engine and it takes only a few seconds to render a scene.
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