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Storm Commandos
Published 3 months ago
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Corvan Storm Commandos are some of the most elite troops in the sector, infamous for their ability to accomplish missions others would find impossible with minimal casualties. equipped with the best weapons and armor that Corvos can produce, Storm Commandos are the best of the best.

unlike some other elite formations, the Storm Commandos take only those individuals who demonstrate exceptional leadership skills, tactical and strategic thinking, and valor on multiple occasions- which, naturally, includes the requirement that they survive multiple direct engagements with enemy forces. these already veteran troops are then put through a two-decade-long training program that will kill one out every four, and permanently disable four out of seven of the survivors.

those who can endure the training, however, become some of the most lethal and iron-willed warriors the Imperium produces.

A squad is equipped for heavy close-combat, with two Heavy Flamers, and Assault Las, and single Plasma Cannon, and is lead by a Sargent with a bolt pistol and Power Fist. B squad is equipped with anti-tank rocket launchers and meltaguns, and is lead by a Sargent with a plasma pistol and chainsword. standard troopers carry hellguns. all are equipped with Carapace Armor.
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