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Published 2 years ago
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Yes, Legomolder155 has (successfully!) built an unreleased Classic Space set, known as 1526-1 on Brickset. This set was likely a prototype set, that wasn’t released due to some business decision.

You can find the Unofficial building instructions at: http://www.cubiculus.com/building-instruction/building-step/1526/56554
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120 pieces
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12 months ago
I know that rear part is a build hack, well, I did what I could.... apologies if it ticks you off.
12 months ago
Also the ground looks rather flat...
12 months ago
that's because it is. Ground with properly recorded displacement is extremely hard to come by - you go with what you have, namely a camera from a stationary position sampling the environment then stitching together the various photos. If you want anything more fancy than that, you probably need to get either a scholarship or some governmental investigation bureau's funding
11 months ago
Displaced ground is easy in Blender 2.8: just go to texturehaven and find a ground texture with a bump map (if you can't get a bump map, replace it with a noise texture), then make sure you are in Cycles, then create a plane and enable Experimental Features. After that, add a texture to this plane and and connect the bump map to a ColorRamp (for adjustments in displacement) to the displacement input for the Material Output node. Easy.

Note: there is a more detailed tutorial here ☞ https://youtu.be/P7OpmpE8xTc
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