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03.8 - Betrayed
Published 1 month ago
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03.8 - Betrayed

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[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

“Go!” The_An0nym urged.
“Where?” Daedalus asked through Cakery.
“Imagine a huge building in the distance, the vast data world spreading around it. Now imagine YellowFlame37 in it,” The_An0nym said, speaking rapidly. Daedalus closed his eyes in concentration. The_An0nym had been very vague, but he had licked up the words ‘help’, ‘caught’ and ‘guard’. Having reached the peak of his concentration, Daedalus lowered his horn and opened a portal.
“What should I do?” Cakery asked.
“Go!” The_An0nym replied. They went through the portal. From one moment to the next they found themselves in the endless desert of data. But, different from the other times, there were two figures in front of them. YellowFlame37 and the data guard. The bot looked at them with a cold gaze. YellowFlame37 was unconscious on the floor. It all happened quickly. Cakery ran, the bot reacted, and Daedalus avoided them. Cakery met the guard dead on, the sword striking his armor, but doing no damage.
“I’m starting to like this body,” Cakery grumbled while throwing a punch. His closed fist hit the bot in the face, but didn’t do any damage, nor even somehow affect the bot.
“Fake,” the bot exclaimed, and lifted his sword. A beam hit the head of the bot, but didn’t get any promising result. The bot, unfazed, just seemed to swing a bit more aggressively than before. Cakery tried to dodge them, but never succeeded. Luckily his body was strong enough to protect him from any damage.
“I’ve got him,” Daedalus whispered through Cakery, knowing he’d hear it. Their plan had worked. While he was stalling the bot, Daedalus was safely retrieving YellowFlame37. Cakery ran for the portal. The guard immediately tried to block his way, but failed. Cakery had almost closed the distance between him and the portal, when the most unpredicted thing happened: the portal closed.

Giggling echoed through the room. SlimBrick1 looked up, and surprisingly found a figure in front of him. It took him a while to recognize him.
“Brickster?” SlimBrick1 asked.
“I have many names, but that one isn’t mine,” the figure replied.
“Then what do you want me to call you?” SlimBrick1 asked annoyed. He had made up his mind to show no fear, but instead to play more or less along.
“Call me… BlackBlade,” the figure replied.
“Not a very suitable name,” SlimBrick1 commented, but had trouble suppressing his fear. His heart rate was picking up and his breathing became louder.
“Anyway… I just wanted to show you this;” BlackBlade said, and showed him a device with a fairly big screen. Shown was Lax_Swag5 and the unmistakable black and neon-light-blue pattern in the background. Then the video played.
“I’ll join the system,” Lax_Swag5 said. SlimBrick1 didn’t believe what he had just heard. The recording had already stopped. BlackBlade softly laid the device on the floor and left the room quietly, while SlimBrick1 was still working out this betrayal.
“This can’t be true,” SlimBrick1 whispered to himself. The sting of betrayal became stronger as his anger began to rise. Slowly a dull headache formed in his head and all the sounds around him, which were few, seemed to fade away.
“This can’t be true!!” SlimBrick1 repeated. Then there was silence.

“Black, it’s your turn to carry it,” Lego_Tron said.
“No it isn’t. I already dragged it the last few hours,” BlackFlame49 replied.
“Black, we are all tired, so just shut up and carry it,” Mick4575 said.
“But it’s unfair!” BlackFlame49 protested.
“I don’t care,” Mick4575 replied. With an irritated grunt, BlackFlame49 took the package of Lego_Tron. They had been carrying it the last few hours equally, or at least the other two thought so, while searching the entrance that The_An0nym had described for them. They had tried to reach him for the past hour, but with no result. The package he had given them was, as he said, one of the most crucial objects in the entire plan. He hadn’t told them any details. All they knew was that it was edgy, black, and heavy.
“I’m back… Sorry for the wait,” The_An0nym crackled through their earpieces.
“Where were you?” Lego_Tron asked.
“There was an issue with another group, and it’s still going. Did you find the entrance yet?” The_An0nym asked.
“No,” Mick4575 answered. There was no reply.
“Not again!” Lego_Tron exclaimed after a while.
“Sorry, the others needed my help first. If you haven’t found it yet; it should be near,” The_An0nym replied.
“What happened to the others?” BlackFlame49 asked.
“Their GPS is broken, so I have to walk them through the building,” The_An0nym replied.
“Who?” Lego_Tron asked.
“Digital_Guy_4 and XYZextreme,” The_An0nym answered.

[End of 03.8]

Note: I'm already having trouble remembering who is who and where they are XD
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it's also cool to see the Data gurad actually going for the kill! I wondered what would happen if a system bot fought new cakery.
1 month ago
sooooo goooood
1 month ago
Yep, definitely inside of tents. Can’t wait for the next one!
1 month ago
Puffin & WizardBuils1 - Thanks!!
1 month ago
I know I’m trapped in a tube with 2 other people whom I’ve already forgotten who, but we are trying to get a bot to say yes, and we are having the time of our life.
Anon isn't taking submissions anymore. [color=white]that I know of. o_O[/color
1 month ago
legomaster6383 - I'll hope to include an active reference to you in more or less the end of the story
If you are determined or really want to actively play a role in my story, then please say so... I'm sure I can work something out...
1 month ago
SebastianButton.lego - Thanks!!
1 month ago
Lax.... How could you betray us? HOW!? And why.... Nice chapter tho! (I was thinking I was gonna be the Impostor... I was so excited when i thought I was...
1 month ago
Nice chapter, I'm late but catching up!
Perfectly understandable "Note" it's a complex story with lots of characters
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