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The Woven Peak
Published 3 months ago
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The Woven Peak, the most vivid and yet most treacherous ruin of the old kingdom of Aranea. The kingdom stretched across the towering peaks of the Pike Mountains, mountains so high some claim one can touch the stars during certain seasons.
The kingdom was governed by a just set of rulers, men who by their wisdom brought their homeland unbelievable prosperity. However, as the land grew stronger, so did the will of the rulers. They each placed their own ambitions before the needs of their kin, and envied the wealth of their companions. And we all know that where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice.
Sure enough, disorder came. It is not recorded how it came, but it came sure enough and drove the rulers and people from their homes, which have laid abandoned for thousands of years.
It is said that the kingdom will never again rise to glory. But perhaps, one could dream, that if a noble descendent of the Aranean people returned to selflessly bring back all that was good, not for himself but for others, that then he may find some hidden and forgotten power with which to cast out every shadow and restore every break.

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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3 months ago
Awesome! Have I ever mentioned I love lore? This is very cool Greeny, my writers brain in going crazy!
3 months ago
Thanks! I'm actually kinda surprised you like lore
... but anyways, great to know! I also LOVE lore... I just think it's all so cool... I could nerd out
3 months ago
Whoa, this is quite interesting! Cool looking build as well
3 months ago
Thanks guys! I'm hoping to post some more original models like this more frequently
3 months ago
We’re talking about lore, here?
*”Somebody that I Used to Know” kicks on in my head*

(But seriously, noice build!
3 months ago
@Wiz Thanks!
forgive me... again... but I don't know what that is *inserts very, very, very much needed rofl emoji here*
3 months ago
Very interesting! I have to say this was unexpected
(dang I'm late to the party O_O)I guess I'll just do something here XD
3 months ago
@Fireblade Thanks, and yes... I kinda surprised myself
. Yeah, XD
3 months ago
Hey guys, I have a hidden theme in this build, and there are like 3 or for references in it... some in the build and some in the description, I challenge y'all to figure it out
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