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2 Years, and I'm late...
Published 2 months ago
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Okay, I just realized that my 2 year Mecabricks anniversary was April 7th, and today is April 23rd O_O. Oops… I missed it
. Anyways, I needed to make some kind of post, and well, here you go!

About my model. Well, there is a story behind it… but I’m not posting it here XD. There was kinda a story behind my last anniversary model too, but whatever, I didn’t really write or share that one. I should though… but whatever. Anyways, hopefully this build is inspiring or something.

About my time on Mecabricks. Well, guys, I’m going to be honest… it’s been a blast. One of the greatest experiences of my life has been able to interact with y’all. From SnapStudio to Justyouraveragelegobuilder I’ve interacted with wild, fun, talented, smart, crazy, encouraging, and just all around awesome people who have meant so much to me. I could go on a rant, listing my friends, but hey… that would take a while XD. I know I’m not as active as I used to be, but I’m still around, and Lord willing I’ll be around for quite a few more anniversaries. Thanks so much to everyone who has made my time on here amazing!

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24.!
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2 months ago
wow, Fireblade24... never heard of him
2 months ago
Wow, two years! Honestly hasn't felt like that long
2 months ago
1. Congratulations! May you continue building for years to come!

2. Nice model!
3. Hey; I’m in the tags… ^-^
2 months ago
I just realized that you might have been president for longer than Joe Biden O_0
or, if you're talking in terms of M O I, "joe bidin"
2 months ago
congratz a lation!! love da model,

got in the tags baby!!
2 months ago
190 models and 23k views all in the span of 2 years
( i missed my anniversary too)
2 months ago
wait, I also just realized I've surpassed Greenco in model #s, view #, and like #!
and I've been around for only one year, if I may be so bold to add

all in good fun though. congurts! who do I surpass now... ah, I know! Scrubs, you're next...
2 months ago
It's funny because my anniversary was the 6 of April, but I got my account in 2019
2 months ago
@Everyone Thank y'all! And yes, Justy you did pass me... though I did get rid of a few models... but yeah, congrats on that XD
2 months ago
Glad you're here Bluie!! (Cool model too)
2 months ago
Thanks Snap! This may be one of my favorite builds to date. I just love the detailing XD
2 months ago
*in Yoda voice cuz why not*
Done well! (Super late, know that I am)
3 weeks ago
I remember 2 years ago, when I got my first comment on Mecabricks (it was a model I have since deleted lol), but you were the person who posted it! Congrats on 2 years Greenflame!

Also, I just realized that my 2 year anniversary (birthday... idk what you call it on here
) was back in May, so... yeah you're not the only one who's late
217 models | 24.7k views