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R A G E ! Act 1
Published 8 months ago
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The next installment of the R A G E ! series!

It was around 3:30 of day 6, Legion forces had pushed into the chity and were running down the retreating defenders.

Two of these defenders were hiding in a house as then one of the Legion Assault Groups began working their way down the street.

One was a Kriegsbrick Commando named Marna, and a Bricksburg Remnant soldier called Tempest.

The two watched as the Legion Soldiers and their Tank moved closer, beginning to pass the house. Marna noticed an ACU soldier who's leg had been blown off crawling for his rifle.

Marna : "Stop moving... their gonna kill you!" She whispered.

The soldier couldnt hear, and just then, a Toxic Commando just started moving, and drew their pistol and just shot the ACU Soldier through the skull before just nonchalantly going past.

Marna : "Dangit..."

Tempest raised his claw hand in a sort of 'shhhh' sign, as the two waited for the patrol to past, after which, Marna spoke up.

Marna : "Brick me...how did i get myself into this mess?"

Tempest, ever the silent type, just shrugged before checking back outside.

Marna : "Well? You gonna say something?"

Tempest just ignored her.

Marna groaned and just took her helmet off and sat in silence. "Where do we go from here?"

Tempest made some sort of hand motions.

Marna : "We've been retreating, but look ehere that got us."

Tempest : More hand motions.

Marna : "Yeah, i guess we'd be better off going in a car."

Tempest nods.

Marna : "Alright, lets grab some things and go."

The two grabbed a couple of Molotov Cocktails that happened to be lying near the entrance before leaving the house, going off to search for any sort of vehicle to use.
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