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Wanting to Stand Out
Published 12 months ago
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Ninja Brix


I’ve always wanted to stand out in our community. Do something incredible. Something different. But, I guess I’m just in the shadow of other builders (who are fantastic btw).

I’m just someone posting dumb variants of my Sig Fig. Nothing is making me stand out from the crowd.

I want to make a new story, but I don’t know if I have the guts and creativity to do it. Plus, I left the Assassin’s Awakening series to j2fam (you’ve been doing great so far j2!).

Help me decide on something. I’ve got a few ideas so far, but I want to see what you guys have want.

I want you guys to decide on these choices. Whichever gets the most votes will get my next story.

1. A Ninjago story featuring my Ninjago OCs and you guys
2. A story taking place during a monster apocalypse with you all
3. A Star Wars inspired story with you guys as Jedi and Sith

Please comment what you want. It would mean so much for me.

I want to do this really bad.

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12 months ago
@dale Man, I don't think you have to do something big to stand out. In life, as unreal as it may sound, the people who stand out are the ones who are just friendly, always kind, and focus on others. Really, I think the more you focus on standing out, the harder it will become. Just be kind, and joyful, that actually goes a long ways.
Now, as far as your story goes... I like the Star Wars idea
12 months ago
I think the monster apocalypse sounds cool!
12 months ago
I think the monster apocalypse sounds cool!
12 months ago
Thanks so much Greenflame. I’ll be sure to take your advice.
12 months ago
Apocalypse story! Definitely apocalypse.
12 months ago
@Dalegoboss, hey man. I just wanted you to know that we have all been there at some point, I've never been super popular. (probably because I don't post much)
But I've found using this platform for what it was made for is how to get the best results: You feel great about it, you enjoy doing it and hey, you may even win a contest or something from it. Take a look at my profile, you'll notice that most of my MOCs are the ones that have the most likes and get featured on the front page. I think the story idea has been popular, but everyone had done that to death, so maybe go for something a bit more original. In my opinion, doing NOCs (Ninjago Own Creations)
would be the best way to get good at lego building. If your not so confident with building, make lego sets to start off with, or just go to: https://lego.brickinstructions.com/en/categoryList they give out free lego instructions of sets (no downloads needed) and you can learn lots of things about lego techniques. I might do a small post on tips like this soon, I suggest learning how SNOT bricks (Studs Not On Top) work, as they are some of the most powerful bricks to get awesome shapes! I also suggest looking at the BEST lego builders out there, look at their work, and see if you can try to recreate it as close as you can, you can learn a lot from just images!
Hope this helped, if you want more help, feel free to PM me!
12 months ago
Dang gecko, you went all out on that description! Insane! I really appreciate the advice. Ill definitely consider the ideas you’ve given me.
12 months ago
@Greenflame, you can call me dlb btw
12 months ago
Now I’m confused is it
Da Lego Boss
Dale Go Boss?
12 months ago
@Ninjacatz it’s da lego boss
12 months ago
There is a ninjago story in progress (blockmaster16yt is making it) so I don’t think you should do the ninjago thing
Only 2 sith can exist at once and a lot of Jedi can exist at once so that’s why I don’t want the Star Wars idea
I think an apocalyptic story would be awesome (personally it’s one of my favorite themes) and I don’t think an apocalyptic story has ever been made (except for the Antarctic apocalypse which I sooo wanted to be in) but other than that I think the apocalypse story would be a good idea because we haven’t seen one in a looong time and apocalyptic stuff is just cool.
12 months ago
You and me both, chief. Just--don't end up like me.
12 months ago
Bro. You're okay.

Look, I wanted to do the same too. But, I kinda just fell where everyone else went, and that worked out for me. You don't have to stand out to be special.

Deep down inside you, you have the guts to do anything you want to do. It's even in one of my quotes. "Anyone can do anything. Saying they can't is just their way of doing it until they realize they can.". If you keep waiting to do the dream you wanted to do, you're getting farther and farther away from actually achieving it. You can do any of those options you would like. You can always use a schedule. An episode of Ninjago, an episode of Monster Apocalypse, an episode of Star Wars, you get the idea.

If you want to stand out, it will become harder once you become more popular. It means more work, more running out of time to get things done, yada yada yada.

If you want to stand out, just be yourself.

People see you as, well, you.

You be you, dude.

12 months ago
You're welcome.

It's good giving advice to others. It can make some big impacts on people's lives.
12 months ago
I think that the Star Wars idea would be great! Although all of them would work. As for the whole standing out thing. I never really thought I would get, well, any views beyond the 3-4 people who were my friends. But I found ways to show my own creativity through whatever came to mind! So just make whatever you want to make! If you want to make tons of sig-fig variations, go for it! If you want to write stories, do that as well! (I'd recommend not having 7 being written at the same time.) But just be you!

P.S. If you want a nice, leisurely chat lounge to talk to some other Mecabrickers, click here!
HOWEVER! If you want a chat room that will probably generate you a minimum of 100 notifications per day, click this link. If you dare. (Make sure to double-check that you're actually on the most recent page.)
11 months ago
Aight, I guess I’m doing the apocalypse story! Got the most votes!
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