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Mecabricks Election Model: Honoring Our Heroes
Published 1 year ago
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Why hello there, my burrahobbits!

Hello? *coughs audibly*
Um... why isn't this microphone working? Greenflame, did you get Random Guy to do something to my mic again?!?

Oh, there we go. My lovely voice booming back and forth across the empty auditorium.

Today is a wonderful day, wanna know why? Well, I don't even know, but it has to be a great day for somebody, right?
Definitely hope you all are having a pretty good day


I guess I'll get right to it. The LG has put out some violent Lego sets; even the new Colosseum has a very dark, and very terrible past. This might be a statement to store away in the "unpopular opinions" section of your local supermarket, but Lego chooses to ignore these facts. LotR, TH, and SW are all very violent (don't get me wrong, LotR was and still is the best movie trilogy ever produced), however, there are still multiple SW sets in the works, and there might - hopefully - be another LotR wave. Here's the point I'm trying to make: Lego tries to refrain from using weapons of any sort in their models, and I get that, I really do. Yes, war is horrible, and that's one of the reasons you aren't seeing Lego brand sets labled with "Across The Battlefield", like other rip-off kits are doing, but why no Veterans Day models? Why no tanks, or historical WWI - WWII aircraft?

That's why I'd love to make this term "MB Military Month". I don't expect to get elected, quite the opposite

Some users would be put to the task of creating a model of a turning point in our history, e.g. some of the important battles of WWII, or recognizing a few famous soldiers from a certain state. One of Tennessee's most well-known soldiers, Alvin C. York, actually received the Medal of Honor for taking a German machine gun nest, and capturing a total of 132 German soldiers.

The men and women who have fought and died for our country deserve to be honored; they have done what most of us here could never hope to do.

One of the Mecabricks users, Kraus, has done exactly this. His little dioramas are incredible, and he accurately portrays historical war events with Lego. Go check him out, he's a pretty cool guy

Vote for LW if you wish, this speech was mainly to give you some food for thought. Like I said, war is a disastrous thing, but these individuals need to be recognized.

There we go, I said it! Phew, stage-fright. Holy guacamole. Or potatoes. Holy potatoes.


Btw, Snap is my VP

As always, God Bless!

Signing off,

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1 year ago
Great speech LW!
You have a great point, it's really sad that the heroes who died in WWI and WWII don't get the recognition they deserve.
1 year ago
Great speech.

You’ve got my vote!
1 year ago
Wow bro, is this speech is amazing. You brought up some really good points and "MB Military Month" sounds like a great idea.

(Also, how come every time someone uses my stage model, they always take out the wire?
1 year ago
Yes, LW, that is good thing to remember. I understand why the LG doesn't have what they don't have, but these men and women still need to be honored. Great speech!
1 year ago
Thanks so much, Knighto! Hmm... I just edited Ian's model

He is to blame! Hmph!


Thank you!

Definitely - I thought I'd do something a bit more fun at first, but what the heck, we need some seriousness around here *looks pointedly at MrBrick*
1 year ago
@LittleWhat, He’s looking at me. What do I do? Am I serious or something?
1 year ago
Wait, TWO Whoppers IN TEN MINUTES? Wow . . . .

"Boil 'em, mash 'em, cook 'em in a STYEWWWWW?"
1 year ago
"Bob is not your uncle silly"

1 year ago
“Bob is not your uncle, silly”

1 year ago
I feel ashamed that it took me 2 weeks to see this.

I am proud to have been noticed.

And speaking of, a new History in Bricks is coming very soon!
1 year ago
Don't be ashamed my good man... it was all in good time.

1 year ago
Btw, not every History in Bricks installment is about war. However most of them are, because i know how to do war.
1 year ago
I totally agree with you! Veteran's day models would be nice, and a great way to honor all of the heros who helped protect this country.
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