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Project D_R - Intermission
Published 6 months ago
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My eyes flew open.
But wait, I died right? There was fire and metal. . . then nothing.
Something about Dragon missing and kidnappers and a helicopter.
Wait, a helicopter?
Suddenly I awake from my thoughts and take in my surroundings. The floor and ceiling are made of black glass. The walls are also glass but they're clear and showcase a view of blue and red stardust. Yellow stars dot the mesmerizing view like gems in a cave.
It's so beautiful, I'm momentarily to awestruck to ask any question.
Like, how the heck am I in space.
"Beautiful isn't it?"
I jerked up right, only to see an old man in white with a tan satchel. He smiled down at me.
"Welcome, KnightofElabor."
"Are you. . . Gandalf?" It was stupid, but it was the best I could think of.
The man started laughing. My cheeks got hot under my mask.
"No my dear boy. I'm not Gandalf."
I stood up. The room was a shaped like a cube. There was also a hallway that was made up of the black glass. It must of been where the man came from.
"I'm sure you have lots of questions, bu-"
"No," I interrupted, "I actually just have one. . . did I die?"
The man looked at me thoughtfully.
"Well, not exactly. You would've been dead."
"Wait, would've been dead?"
"That part of the timeline has been. . . erased. That's why you only remember fragments of it."
My one question had multiplied like five loaves of bread and two fish.
"With this," the man said as he reached into his satchel and pulled out a glowing, blue stone.
"This is a Starstone," he looked at me with a glint in his eye, "but you already know that."
It was true. I had one. It's why I'd been hiding for half my life.
It's why I wore a mask.
"Come with me, Knight," he gestured with his hand and started walking down the hallway. The black glass walls gave off a faint glow.
The man turned and looked at my visor. His brown eyes looked wise and kind.
"Everything you know is about to change. . ."

+ END +
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6 months ago
6 months ago
Oh, what a great way to continue! Wow, this is just pure awesome. It makes me so happy!
6 months ago
Yeah of course... whenever they die they don't... such a cliche...

JUST KIDDING THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! Besides, how could a story in first person view continue if the first person actually...

....DIED!!! That would be rediculus! Yeah, I know its ridiculous that I spelled 'ridiculous' like 'rediculus'... but who cares!!!!

Anyways, is everything you know REALLY about to change... like... WILL I GET SUPER POWERS!!!! OH man!!! What if I can shoot pink fire out of my hands!!!! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!! YEAH!!!!! Okay... yeah... I know you're thinking... "Why pink? Aren't you Greenflame?" Well yes... but green fire is too predictable right? Nobody would expect pink...? That is... if I even get to shoot fire out of my hands O_o... probably a bad idea... but hey... still... fire or no fire... it's your story... I have no charge over it...

...wait a second... I'm the current president...


*KoE hands me a laser blaster*

Me: What? That's not fire power...?

KoE: Yes it is.

Me: *thinks*... hold on... that's the wrong KIND OF FIRE POWER!!!!

KoE: Well it's the only kind I'm going to give you.

Me: FINE!!! I'm telling Scrubs!

KoE: Good luck with that.


KoE: Probably trying to hide from you.

Me: Shoot...

KoE: How'd you get elected president anyways?

Me: Are, are you questioning my integrity?

KoE: Nope! There is no need to question. Your integrity is horrible.

Me: *Aims laser blaster at KoE* You're going to regret you said that.

*coughing from back of the room*

Random dude: You know, InnerTechnician was right, you really can control minds with this remote!

KoE: Wait what!?! Are, are you controlling Greenie's mind?

Random dude: Yup!

KoE: GIVE ME THAT!!! *grabs remote and destroys it*!!!!

Random dude: I'm leaving.

Me: What happened...?

KoE: You tried to kill me.

Me: Oh... huh... I have a headache... I'm going to bed.

KoE: Oh, well, um... would it be weird if I said sweet dreams?

Me: Yeah, you'ed sound too much like a mother.

KoE: Yeah, that's what I thought...
6 months ago

Also, Greenei is the only person I know who can turn a comment into a novel
6 months ago
for those that are confused, should I put the previous chapter in the comments?
6 months ago

You shot fire in my story remember?
6 months ago
@GFlame, Y E S!

@justy, na, you don't need to do that
6 months ago
Awesomeness! I'm glad to see it's still going!
6 months ago
@Snap Yup!!! And then... I DIED!!! Haha!!!

... I love making those kind of dialogues
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