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A baby destroys the brick
Published 1 year ago
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Chuck: HA! We won!

Reece’s Ghost: Oh no! Chuck killed me, LegoCommanderBacuara, TheRealChonkey, All of my team except for a few but worse of all! Wojira!

LegoCommanderBacuara’s Ghost: Lucky, We sent a baby to the universe Chuck and his team are in to destroy the new brick that they made.

TheRealChonkey’s Ghost: What happened to my lovely brick? *cries*

Reece: They used it with many other bricks to make the new brick.

*Meanwhile in the universe that Chuck’s in*

Chuck: Reece is gone and all of his team too!

j2: Don’t forget Wojira!

MOC: We made a new brick!

Chuck: I hope nobody destroys i.! Huh! What the heck was that?!

Baby: HA! I’m going to destroy you!

Chuck: Oh no! A baby! Stop him!

Baby: Hooray! Stupid brick is destroyed!

Chuck: Oh no!

*All universes are destroyed and a new universe is created but everyone except for Chuck, MOC and j2 don’t die and all of the dead members of Reece’s team including Reece himself are back alive*

Reece: The baby destroyed the brick!

TheRealChonkey: We have won!

LegoCommanderBacuara: Huge credits to all of us for this long journey!

TheRealChonkey: I miss having a brick. *cries*

Reece: Don’t worry! There is a new brick that Ray and Maya built.

Ray: TheRealChonkey! Enjoy your new brick!

Maya: We hope you enjoy it!

TheRealChonkey: Yes! I have a brick again!

Baby: I was the main hero in the end!

Reece: You were the one who destroyed the brick so I shall call you Reece. Jr!

Everyone: *cheers*

The end! For real this time!
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1 year ago
Yeah, and I never killed u guys

I fled through a time warp

And I have a better brick
So I don’t care about TheRealChonkey’s anymore
1 year ago
And, i did not use the other one

The time warp led to TheRealChonkey’s mailbox and I stuffed the brick in, seeing that justy was his neighbor, and he made a better brick, so I took some pottery and engendering classes and made my own!
you gave me an idea! what if we made a Meca-neighborhood? people would make their own houses to add to it?
1 year ago
I would join!

As long as we keep it small

Because as you know, I’m on an iPad
1 year ago
Also, just an FYI, there was no other bricks other than TheRealChonkey’s

Or Else I would have just bought one from Walmart

Until I learned how to engineer them!
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