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Chapter 17
Published 1 year ago
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No, it's not over, not yet

I had charged, but Lord Phantom had also charged, and it couldn’t be told who had moved first. It a moment we were in a whirl of motion, green and purple flames trailing from our fists, following powerful punches and strikes that either met or missed their mark. I leaped into the air and came down upon the lord, sending a massive blow onto his chest that sent him flying backwards. He struck the ground and slid for a moment, and then slowly rose up in a smoke like uplift, hissing and cursing. He threw another ball of ghost like fire at me, one which I disrupted with a blast of my own.

“Cursed devil!” He screamed, running forwards and kicking my gut. I rolled across the floor and rose up again, but was struck by another of his blasts. I felt like coughing, but couldn’t grasp any air, this only lasted for a second however.

“That you are,” I said wearily, yet still with a bit of snark. I ran forward again, dodging one of his shots and again forcing him into a supernatural fist fight. We spun, ducked, kicked, and with each blast power whirled faster and faster. Phantom seemed to be losing confidence, something which I began to gain. With a smile I sent him a blow, and another, and with one more he found himself crashing into the giant window placed behind his thrown and wretched computer systems. He laid there for a moment, pitiful and broken looking, his eyes seeming to pulse with hate the hate of demons. “You don’t have to end this way, Lego_Paradox,” I said, letting my fire die down. Suddenly, my heart began to pound, my body grew weak, and my breath became short. “What’s happening,” I whispered, falling to my knees. The phantom laughed.

“I knew you couldn’t last,” he said with a distortedly smooth tone. “No, no you couldn’t.” He rose and laughed even more now, meeting my eyes. “This isn’t my end, but it is yours. One can’t simply drain himself Greenflame.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You don’t run a marathon without training, nor do you play with power without first knowing it’s abilities. You’ve drained your energy, and need rest to gain it again. Fortunately for me,” he sparked another sphere of flame into life, “you won’t get that rest.” He screamed with a blood curtailing shrill that made me turn away in terror, he launched his power towards me. It struck the side of my face, burning like fire, and before I hit the ground things blacked out.

Bam! The doors flew into pieces, and in strode a confident knight. “You didn’t just do that did you.” He said commandingly.

“Of course I did, and what’s it to you?”

“That was a rhetorical question Paradox, I didn’t want an answer.”

“Oh, well, answer this!” He spun and threw a fiery ghost at the noble figure, who quickly drew his deeply glowing purple swords and sliced the flame just in time to prevent it from bringing him damage.

“Imposible…” Lord Phantom muttered.

“No, it’s not. These are the phantom blades of Elabor.”

“No, but only one man in all of Elaborean history could wield those…” He looked deep behind the visor of the knight’s helmet, and fear struck sunk into his own eyes. “It can’t be…”

The night nodded, and charged forwards. Lord Phantom stood motionless for a second, only beginning to defend himself once he realized KnightofElabor had already traveled halfway across the room, the thud of his boots striking the ground with the sound of the heart of the sea, and the blades in his hands calling to him in voices that only spoke of fate and falling. The same blades blocked every blast from their foe, and soon KoE had reached the lord, struck him down, stood over him, and placed his foot on his chest. Their eyes met, and KoE lifted both blades into the air, bringing them down at the same moment into Phantom’s heart, ending his life.

Zap! At that very moment a laser had fried from behind, striking KoE in the neck. He staggered for a moment, dropping both swords and trying to turn around. He didn’t finish, but fell to the floor, as dead as all those who’d fallen before him. Random dude walked over and gazed upon him for a second, and then at the smoldering form of Lego_Paradox that was slowly fading away. “Come it J2,” he called, "the coast is clear.”

J2fam77 walked in, suddenly standing in shock as he realized we wasn’t standing in a prison, but a throne room. “What,” he asked, suddenly stepping backwards as he noticed the motionless bodies of Greenflame and KoE. “Random, this—”

“It’s Random dude kid, and yes I know, this isn’t a prison.”

“Then, what, why?”

Random dude stepped over to the computers and began fiddling with something, not looking up to meet the eyes of the confused child who stood in the doorway. “It’s simple, I needed Lego_Paradox dead, and KoE was the only one of us capable to kick his rear.”

“But, who did you shoot? You shot someone and…” his eyes grew wide with unbelief as Random dude smiled and the harshness of reality struck him in the gut.

“Yes, I killed him. Now don’t get all fire up,” he said, lifting his hand. “Care to listen to a dream?”

J2 didn’t know what to do. He thought about shooting the dude, but Random already had his grasp on his gun, and J2 didn’t, so he listened. “What do you have to say?”

“So, Phantom is a genus. He can take digital things and turn them into physical objects, and people. It’s like this, I don’t have a real body, yet he gave me a chance to get that. I’m tired of being a virus. Not only this,” he smirked as the already suspecting look of J2 grew to horror, “yes, not only that but I would like to rule the world, your world. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s for the good of things. All the crime, abuse, and disruption that goes on in your world, what could we do together, as an unstoppable force of good? Join me, and we will not only rule, but rule to make things right!”

“But,” he looked down upon his dead friend, “you killed KoE?”

“Only for now, I need to explain more. KoE wouldn’t understand, he’s stubborn. However…” he pulled a lever and part of the left wall suddenly slid open, revealing a glass cylinder. “Behold! One of the greatest inventions yet. This is the resurrector, a machine that can resurrect our dead friends. Once we have control of the world, all we need to do is find some death deserving criminal, place him in this thing, and all the destruction that has been done will be erased. Deal?”

“But… what do you mean by finding a criminal?”

“Well, we actually need someone to convert to energy to do this, just like how wee need people to translate everything out. We will hop back into the Mecabricks universe, and take a man with us. We can put him in that thing and done. He will get what he deserves, and all the death will be erased. Except for his of course. Oh, and just to let you know, Lord Phantom already converted all the other users who he’d captured into power, so we might as well use it. They will reappear once things are made right, I think. The machine undoes all destruction.”

“But,” he shook his head, “it doesn’t feel right.”

“Of course it doesn’t, death and sacrifice never feel right, yet we have a chance to make them. What do you say? Are you with me, or do I have to kill you like the others?”

J2 was torn. Random dude sounded right, but, but was he? There was something in this that, oh it felt wrong. No, it was wrong. Random dude never showed a bit of kindness to anyone, nor did he have the right to overthrow everyone, even if it would create justice. Nor could he be trusted as a just ruler. Yet… “Fine,” he said, stepping forwards and walking towards Random dude. “What do I do first?”

“Great! Now, for starters, I need to get the systems—” Pow! The blast of a revolver sounded, and Random dude fell, glitching for a moment, and then completely disappeared.

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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1 year ago
That's 'thank you everyone'...
In Spanish.
1 year ago
I have no good idea on who the revolver's wielder was, but I am quite interested to find out.
1 year ago
Oh yes yes this is good, I can taste the sweet taste of an Epic.
1 year ago
@Op That was supposed to be obvious
. Think hard, and you might figure it out... or maybe your thinking too hard O_o... either way, you shall see eventually

@Fireblade Thank you! Possibly O_o...
1 year ago
@Gold I'm not from Spain, but Texas. I know I little Spanish... and sometimes use a translator.
1 year ago
Greenie: My first assumption is LW, but then, he's dead. HB and MB are also good candidates.
1 year ago
I did have, some kinda feeling about Random Dude...
Maybe because of the way he acts in your posts. XD

Wasn't it @J2?
1 year ago
Snap: Actually, that would make sense. Except that the way it was written seems to indicate that it wasn't j2 who shot him. And I think it would've specified if it was j2, as that's not super crazy or anything.
1 year ago
Now that I look at it again...
1 year ago
I was replying to @TheOperator.
1 year ago
@Gold: So you speak french? Tu parles français? (I'm also using a translator, sorry if that's not accurate)
1 year ago
Okay... I made a mistake people

Earlier I had written a scene where people picked out weapons, and J2 picked up a couple of revolvers. I ended up trashing that though, but forgot I had O_O. So I just expected y'all to pick up on it... without realize y'all never read that

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