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Lis Illin - For Greenflame24
Published 1 month ago
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'Ello! My good friend Greenflame24 has sent out a request for sci-fi characters, and here is my answer to his call.

Name: Lis Illin
Gender: Female
Age: 46 Earth Years, approximately 16 years in her species' age rate.
Species: Layts
Home Planet: Ganos (Fealn Province)
Current Residence: Low-budget apartment in a densely packed city known for its famous art school. [said city is on an alderaan-like planet, I'll leave that part up to you]
Personality: Mischievous, caring, and cheerful at heart, but has learned that this personality does not mix very well with the residents of the city she lives in, so she keeps to herself.
Bio: Her father and mother are somewhat accomplished artists, and she has retained that talent. She is currently studying at [insert school name of choice here] University, which is renowned for its high-class education of art students of all varieties. She's "working through college", in a sense, as she holds a job at a family-owned fast-food restaurant called "Ten Meats" in the owner's native language.
Weapon of choice: None, although she owns a visor with many sensors scanning most spectrums, from gamma rays to radio waves. Her parents bought it for her so she could communicate with her classmates more easily, as the Layts species can only see Ultraviolet light (although they have a similar hearing frequency to humans). She hunted for sport on her home planet, so she has some experience with slug-firing weapons.

Hopefully this all works! I tried to leave as much open as I could while still writing a diverse and layered character. Feel free to change anything you like! (I made a girl since I figured no one else would. xD)

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1 month ago
But of course you will win a slot
1 month ago
Thanks, FB! Your character was awesome, TBH
1 month ago
Looks great! I'm only confused about one thing... she can only see ultraviolet light...? How does that work
1 month ago
Greenie: Welp, just imagine the world in ultraviolet light. That's . . . what she sees, I guess.
You can omit that part, I guess, just wanted to add some sort of "language barrier", if you will, between species. Glad you like it!
1 month ago
all of these characters are so much cooler than mine
1 month ago
G-man: Thanks!
Mine will require some training to actually be useful, though.
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