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Project D_R - Ch. 8
Published 2 months ago
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Project D_R

Ch. 8

Thursday, 5:00 A.M. Back at the Zilla

Operator rubbed his eyes as Team 4 finally stumbled, weary and worn, back into camp. MrBrick was sleepwalking with Gman to guide him. Hammer kept mumbling about tea, Op guessed he was hallucinating.

"Guitarman," Op said, taking MrBrick and slapping him a little.

"Op," Gman said, "Dead end. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Our hired car ran out of petrol and we've been walking most of the night. Can I give you a full report later? Say, tomorrow morning?"

"Sure," Op said, slapping Gman's shoulder. "Good work. Get some rest."

LW exited the plane as Team 4 entered. He walked up to Op's side and the two stared at the rising sun.

"It feels hopeless, doesn't it?" said LW. "What if we're wrong, Op? What if this is all a wild goose chase? You know she's not above an elaborate prank."

"I know," Op replied, shaking his head. "I wonder that every time I log back into Mecabricks. Remember the stuff she did back when we were kids? How she vanished for two weeks and freaked the life outta us? And then she revealed she'd only pulled the wool over our eyes."

"But she said she wouldn't do it again," LW combed his fingers through his hair.

"Maybe we should go back," Op said. "We've followed every link she sent us. Every clue. Nothing. I know this sounds heartless, but I'm back in colledge in a few weeks."

"You can't be serious?" LW looked askance at his friend.
"I don't know what else to do!" Op stopped himself from yelling. "Y'all put me in charge of this trip. That's fine, I'm the Operator, but I've hit a brick wall here."

"Well," LW shivered as a cool breeze hit them. "Let's discuss it when Greenie and Knight return."

LW walked back into the Zilla. Op waited a few moments longer, staring out into the wasteland where his friend was lost. Where was she? What was happening?

"I don't know what to do, Lord," he murmured. "I don't know what to do."

* * *

Monday, London, Almost 1 year previously

I hadn't wanted to go to London, but my plane from Plymouth was cancelled at the last moment. Re-booking would've been a pain I didn't want to deal with, so the airline company told me I could board a plane leaving from London in two-three days. That gave me two-three days of doing nothing.
I despised hotels and avoided them whenever possible. So when I discovered an old Victorian-era house was open to boarders, I jumped at the opportunity with both feet. I love history and hoped to find lots in a Victorian-era house.
The owner was a nice old lady and we hit it off pretty quickly. Turns out she was an Aussie too, what'd ya know.
The house was the end in a long row of houses. It came with a few rules as a result. Not access to the attic. The attic door was always locked. (My landlady had a deathly fear of burglars.) That didn't faze me, I was planning on spending my time at the British Museum.
The trolly-car stops right at the opposite end of the house-row. Jolly inconvenient, I know. That night I had to walk all the way past every single house, and couldn't stop myself from thinking what a brilliant set they'd make for a Magician's Nephew film.

(I'm not sure if I should write what happened next, diary, because it is kinda classified. Even though writing in a physical diary is much safer than writing in an online one. Notebooks can't be hacked.)

* * *

Thursday, 7:32 A.M. Dick Hartog National Park Island

If you ever traveled to Dick Hartog Island off the coast of Western Australia, you would find nothing more than one of Australia's many national parks. But, deep beneath the Island lies one of the most carefully guarded secrets known to man. Or, rather, not known. The secret HQ of the organisation known as Chupacabras.

"Sir!" a young man in a navy suit burst into an office. Inside was a desk surrounded by multiple computers, each running seperate programs from Area 51 research to dragons to Minecraft.
"What is it," a strong voice asked from within the wall of cyberspace.

"Sir, we have recieved new intelligence!" The young man fumbled with his report paper. "The beast has been located!"

"Really?" Computer-man sat up straight and his head appeared above the row of monitors. "What are you waiting for? Seize it!"

"Already completed, sir," the chap said, proudly. "But there's more. He was there, with another fellow. We've found him."

Computer-man, (who, I might as well tell you is called Griffon, the head of the Chupacabra outfit) sat back in his chair and began to laugh. "Well well well. What a surprise."

The young man stood to attention, "any further orders, sir?"
"Yes," Griffon leaned his elbows on his desk. Only the top of his brown hair was visible. "When he arrives I want him sent to me at once. Throw the other one in a cell."

"Yessir!" the young man prepared to leave.

"Wait," Griffon said, "Now we have the beast and the girl's diary, we have no further use of her. Inform Saxon of that fact."


End of Chapter 8

For Christ Alone!

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2 months ago
Sounding great! Keep up the good work!
2 months ago
Great writing!!

Operator's ready for collage? O_O
2 months ago
Uh... this is making my heart thump... O_O... like, this is really good... and it driving me nuts O_O
I'm in suspense!
Don't kill yourself D_R... that's just so not you O_o...

2 months ago
Ayyy nice!! now it's gettin' good!! Love what you've done with this story bro. soooo much better than anything i could write

Keep up the good work!!
2 months ago
@Fireblad + Guitarman, Thanks!!!

@Snap, It goes without saying that we're all several years older in this story.

@Greeny, Ah, yes! Just the effect I was going for!
I don't think anything's going to happen to me, else y'all would've spent your time for nothing. Wouldn't that be just tragic?

@Sir Elabor, Thanks!
Well, you know what they say, practice!
2 months ago
@KoE, yeah thats what I was like when I read this
2 months ago
@KoE You literally just called Dragon_Rider06 'bro]

@Dragon few... *wipes brow*
2 months ago
Yeah, and I don't think that's the first time @KoE's done that.
2 months ago
I just noticed the rings in the mailbox... well... I noticed them before, but I didn't catch the reference until now
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