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1 Year of MB and My BDAY!
Published 1 month ago
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Hey guys! So 2 things: 1: I'VE BEEN ON MECABRICKS FOR A YEAR NOW! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
2: My BDay's comin' up on June 15th!
And last year I already made a Post about my BDay and thanking ApoclaypticBrick and CJ for their ongoing support, because at that time I had only known them! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes

Anyways, thank you guys for all of the Support through out my first Year! And BDay wishes are welcome!

Thank you all so much. I really have no other words.
And honestly, in Real Life, I've never really fit in anywhere (usually because of Age Group [usually at Church or anywhere]), but when I found this amazing Lego Loving Community, I loved it here.
And thank you all for following me with 300 Models, and giving me over 25K Views, and 1 and a half THOUSAND Likes!

And like I said in my last Post, I am sorry if I am not active on Mecabricks as much, 'cause I have other things to do IRL. winking face

But thank you all so much. Again, BDay wishes are welcome down in the Comments! smiling face with smiling eyes

May 31st, 2020 ~Lego_Lover~
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1 month ago
Happy Birth Day Dude!
(In advance)
1 month ago
Congrats, happy birthday!
1 month ago
Both of us have been here for one year
1 month ago
Congratulations, I am here to help if it is needed. And happy birthday!
1 month ago
I joined Mecabricks last summer, I think too. So that's cool!
1 month ago
Happy birthday!
1 month ago
Happy Birthday, and congratulations on reaching the 1 year mark... which I myself am *cough* *cough* still far away from reaching. Anyways, to make things a wee bit dramatic... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! <;
1 month ago
Thank you all so much for all the kind support!
3 weeks ago
Happy Birthday!!! (a week late but oh well
I didn't see this until just now)
2 weeks ago
Nobody cares.
2 weeks ago
Please keep that kind of opinion to yourself.
2 weeks ago
If you don't have anything decent to say, don't say it.
2 weeks ago
I might be two weeks late, but happy birthday all the same, L_L!
2 weeks ago
Thanks guys!

@colinb; thanks for that source of input.
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