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[HELP NEEDED] Create a Hero for TCM
Published 1 year ago
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Remember when I asked y'all for a good guy version of my character? (I still have a couple of those renders saved!). Well, I appreciated the contributions and I'm kind of asking for something like that again. Now, I've thought long and hard and have had a lot of inspiration to make TCM as in-depth as he is, except there's always something that has been lacking: A hero to oppose him. To attempt to stop him in his tracks, the Batman to the Joker, the Luke Skywalker to Darth Vader, you get the point. Without a hero to face him, I'm stuck putting TCM in DC and other brands with pre-existing heroes. While that has been pretty cool and fun, I kind of want TCM to have his own seperate universe, and this is the final piece. I've only made a visual representation of a hero to oppose him recently, but I want to see what everyone who sees has to offer. And, of course, I would like an actual figure of your hero idea, just put the link here when you're done! Oh, and to improve your chances of being picked, try to add in the model description some traits, personality, weapons, strengths, weaknesses (that's a biggie), etc (I might look for that a little more than the design, but still, a more detailed and expansive description gives me more to work with
). If you want to go above and beyond, you could create an ENTIRE team!! (more people wouldn't exactly improve chances, as the team would be ranked the same as one "character" in a sense). I'll wait for a much longer time for ideas to be suggested, as I personally know how long it takes to come up with a concept such as this, and I'll eventually narrow down the options and make a separate model with the ideas I've narrowed it down to (in addition to the one I've created very recently) and allow users to "vote" on the best one. May the best one win! (actually I shouldn't say that. There is no real "winner" as there is certainly room for more than one hero). The "winners", I should say...well...I'll use their character, maybe even draw them out my way and post online! I can't wait to see what you guys think of!!!

P.S. For more helpful advice, think about making someone that is almost an opposite to TCM's methods and likeness. Like, TCM is very practical, self-obsessed, and is very strict and disciplined, to get you started.

P.P.S. Please, Please, PLEASE try to not make your hero too overpowered, since TCM still has to be somewhat of a threat to them. That doesn't mean no superpowers, but keep it as close to a Batman-level character as possible, if that makes sense. Like, don't make them stupidly OP like Goku or Superman or Flash or something
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1 year ago
I'm thinking either an original character or even another user!
(not me, i like this "alliance")
1 year ago
Hah! I know... *rubbing hands together* The EQUALIZER!!!! JK

I think I'll try this one.
1 year ago
Okay, maybe, not enemies?
(altho an alliance sounds neat...)
1 year ago
I have a character called the computer chip. Perhaps I can remake him for you.
1 year ago
I'll have a go....
@LegoCommanderBacara I don't *exactly* recommend that, as I don't really feel that another "robot" would be good as a hero to TCM, but if you think you can make it work, than go ahead

And remember everyone, i highly encourage descriptions!
1 year ago
Yes Yes Yes I have many many ideas I will make one as soon as I can
1 year ago
I might be able to help?
That's pretty good! The eternal clash between letters and numbers....But like I said if you have any ideas to offer about personality, superpowers, anything, that would be preferred, or you can leave it off like that, because from just looking at it this guy could definitely work
1 year ago
Someone for him to fight ehh, I can do that, just a sec...
1 year ago
...This says a hero to fight him, I'll delete mine, and replace it with a hero later...
1 year ago
I made mine, but be warned - it is an extremely rough draft (as all good things start out as.
1 year ago
I'll do one. Expect it on friday!
Okay, I'm thinking of posting the "voting" model soon. If anyone here besides Operator011 has any submissions left to tell me that they're still making, please speak now or forever hold your peace.2
1 year ago
How long 'til the vote (since I still have to refine mine)?
1 year ago
CalcMan are we allowed to enter more than one?
Hell yeah you can enter more than one!

@rubrickscube till i stop getting them
In fact...with all these great submissions....the voting/winning might not even natter that much. Ill just make it for kicks, but the majority of these heroes will be a part of my more ambitious project....

making a comic UNIVERSE!!!!
If y'all approve of that, of course....but yeah, make more! The more the merrier, I mean, I've really liked most of the one's I've recieved (the only one I was "meh" about was Phantom_E's original one, but he certainly made up for it with his new submission!)
Alrighty, voting model coming soon! Anyone please speak out if they need more time.
1 year ago
I'm debating whether I need more time or not.
1 year ago
I think I might need more time. Is that okay? I just had a wonderful idea.
1 year ago
Sorry I've kept everyone waiting!
8 months ago
Try Gohan or Goku. I tried that. I accidently did some otherr character that i don't know.
2 weeks ago
try naruto, his head and torso are from huzlip, and his hair is from brick.cucumber
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