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75880-1: McLaren 720S
Published 5 years ago
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5 years ago
I've built it a couple days ago. Before that, the P1 was my only Speed Chamions sets, and I loved it. Next to the 720S, it looks like a potato. The two real-life cars have some similarities, but their Lego versions are incredibly different from each other. The new parts introduced in the meantime, like the "cut" curved slopes, make a huge difference.
5 years ago
I'll scan the sticker sheet for the missing stickers.
I also added the hub cap part.
5 years ago
McLaren logo on 93606d30 is silver ink. I uploaded the stickers in the dropbox.
4 years ago
That is a nice rendering/entry!

Totally have the voice of Kevin Flynn from the "Tron: Legacy" opening scene in my head now.
Good luck to you as well!
4 years ago
I love the concept of this entry! Whatever shaders you used for the glowing bricks on the "tronlaren" came out REALLY cool! Best of luck!
4 years ago
Great render! I have a question about how you got those parts to glow. Did you put a light directly into them, or is it a shader of some sort?
4 years ago
Haha, many thanks for your comments !

@Marqcrewtx : There's a bit of both, actually. There's a lamp in each frontlight (part of why I picked the 720S is because it's front lights are brick-built and not stickers, so I could actually use them as lights), and I've added an emission shader to the trans-light blue material to make the parts glow. Then I've used the compositing tool (in Blender) to add a "halo" around the parts that glow.
by Stas
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