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21309-1: NASA Apollo Saturn V
Published 2 years ago
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Display and role-play with this majestic meter-high LEGO® brick model of the NASA Apollo Saturn V. Packed with authentic details, it features 3 removable rocket stages, including the S-IVB third stage with the lunar lander and lunar orbiter. The set also includes 3 stands to display the model horizontally, 3 new-for-June-2017 astronaut microfigures for role-play recreations of the Moon landings, plus a booklet about the manned Apollo missions and the fan designers of this educational and inspirational LEGO Ideas set.

-Features a meter-high (approximately 1:110 scale) model of the NASA Apollo Saturn V with a removable S-IC first rocket stage with main rocket engine details, removable S-II second rocket stage with rocket engine details, removable S-IVB third rocket stage with the Apollo spacecraft and rescue rocket at top of the whole spacecraft, plus 3 stands to display the model horizontally.
-The Apollo spacecraft features the lunar lander and the lunar orbiter.
-Also includes 3 new-for-June-2017 astronaut microfigures.
-Great for display and role-playing the manned Apollo Moon missions.
-Includes a booklet about the manned Apollo Moon missions and the fan designers of this set.
-This set includes over 1,900 pieces.
-Measures over 39" (100cm) high and 6” (17cm) in diameter.

Many thanks to all the people who supported us. It's really special to me to post the set here. Hopefully you'll be able to buy your own real version. Have fun building! smiling face with open mouth
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1968 pieces
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2 years ago
Massive congratulations—not only for getting your project accepted, but also for having it be the first LEGO set in years to have gotten 100% positive reactions! Such a great feat is truly rare indeed! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
2 years ago
I was hoping that you would be the one to build this on here! Great to see it up. smiling face with open mouth And like Qwerty said, congratulations, I honestly haven't seen any negative comment whatsoever about this set. thumbs up sign
2 years ago
No wonder it got 100% positive reviews smiling face with open mouth
2 years ago
Stas of course made the decorations for Mecabricks from saabfan photos. Team work winking face
I'll probably get this set at some stage if TLG makes enough boxes to fulfill all the orders.
2 years ago
Not only me Scrubs
Wlange helped me too)
2 years ago
Just ordered mine yesterday. Can't wait!
2 years ago
Oups my bad. Even more a team effort then winking face
Who is going to be the first one to find this missing piece?
2 years ago
Congratulations. As expected this set will be a seller. Our Teaser will be launched today. Some people know what I mean smiling face with open mouth
2 years ago
I had to do a quick little something for the release day. Here is my picture.
2 years ago
As soon as I saw this set was approved I knew I had to have it! Congratulations!
2 years ago
A really stunning model, thanks and congrats! June 1st has been marked on my calendar since the release date was announced, now I can't wait to receive it! (but it's already on backorder...)
2 years ago
Congratulations to all of you and great rendering Scrubs! I particularly like how you made a hangar atmosphere through the concrete floor texture and lighting.
2 years ago
@rjcd Thanks. It was really just a quick one but I am happy about the result though.

My process flow:
- 5 min to tweak the model in Mecabricks and export
- 10 min to run the script in blender
- 5 min to make the floor material (I actually re-used the dirt map included in the advanced script)
- 25 min to render (100 samples + new denoiser)
- 2 min in photoshop to tweak the contrast (which I could have done in the Blender compositor)

So about 1 hour all in.
2 years ago
I really really like this set! I am especially excited about this set because my grandpa worked on the first stage of Saturn V. Congrats to all those involved in making this become a set and getting it here on MB.
Awesome render Scrubs!
Looking forward to the video RenderBricks!
2 years ago
Nobody found the missing part yet?
2 years ago
I remade the tub 64951. Looks way better from under now.
2 years ago
Wait, is the missing part a brick separator?
2 years ago
Thanks to everyone! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes Especially Stas and Wlange. Masman you're a genius! Of course it is the brick separator. How could I miss such an obvious part? I'll add it straightaway.
2 years ago
Thanks! I wonder if Scrubs had it figured out, and that's why he asked... You'll have to wait a little to complete it, as currently it doesn't exist on here.
2 years ago
The updated tub looks awesome scrubs! smiling face with open mouth
2 years ago
I added two pictures of our teaser modeled with Mecabricks and rendered in 4K with Blender.

Please share the following link (in the signature) as much as possible in your social networks. We got attention by LEGO Ideas and they will share the movie on their social media this week.

The final trailer will have 42 shots. Now we are on good pressure to deliver. smiling face with open mouth

LEGO® 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V Teaser:
2 years ago
Wow! This is a beautiful model, mine is on order and I am eagerly awaiting it's arrival. Though having seen these renders, I think I will have to get the launch tower to go with it!!
2 years ago
Looking forward to seeing the final animation! Looks great so far.
2 years ago
That's so great to see so many people here doing things around this model. I like this mentality and this prooves that TLG made the right choose by releasing this set.

Long life to the ASA Apollo Saturn V set smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
2 years ago
To keep you guys excited. Spread the word for 7.7.17.
2 years ago
Ooh... Looks great! How long will the final animation be? If it's not a secret that is... winking face
2 years ago
Face with open mouth I really like the new render! Super cool!
2 years ago
Whoah!! Fantastic! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
1 year ago
I finally got this set, for some reason it was very hard to find o_o
Really impressive!

It's building time!
11 months ago
Saabfan, can you drop me an email. I have some questions about your other builds.

Lttlcheeze @ yahoo . com
6 months ago
I loved putting this thing together! congrats on making it to 10k and getting excepted!
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