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The Old TG (Custom Minifigure MOC)
Published 2 years ago
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This was the old TG, the one that lasted from September 2019 to sometime around Christmas 2019. The truth was that he was a robot in disguise, but he never had a proper backstory.

This was Model TG910, created by Zorpheno Technologies, a company that already filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, said that they liquidated all their assets, but what they never told the public is that they liquidated their assets to an illegal company. The illegal company, Frontier Industries, bought stock in Zorpheno, and they agreed to form a partnership together, but Frontier said only if they never told the public about it. Together they created the Model TG910 robot, which was made to start a robot uprising. Their first attack was on this very account. I noticed this soon after they emailed me about it, and I quickly told everyone the truth. They got mad, and the FBI soon noticed this, and forced the companies to shut down. However, they still were good friends in the industry, and decided to make a new robot: Model TG911. This was meant to do the failed task of Model TG910: Start a robot uprising. This is the Model TG910, over a year old now. It's been rusting over time, and has seem to have gotten extra robot parts from somewhere. Anyways, we must escape before it attacks once more.

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by tg
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