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Clone Trooper Contest
Published 4 months ago
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first things first. Sorry, i do not know how to make an S out of lego. Second, i am writing a story and need characters, here is the link. https://www.mecabricks.com/en/models/o8v0ZP9z2r3 Third, that's what this competition is all about! I have started a contest to see how can make the best group of clone troopers. The rules are as follows. No copying other peoples work. You are allowed to work together, Sigh. You can submit multiple groups, P.S. that might change. All clone troopers in your group must all have the same color and theme. Each clone trooper needs a name. The winner of the competition will get their clone troopers in my story and will be given the title of supreme clone commander. Now what are you waiting for? BUILD!
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4 months ago
I'll join but I'm doing something rn
4 months ago
YAHOO ME WILL BUILD!!!! (also if you didn't know I am slimbrick)
4 months ago
4 months ago
do you want Phase 1 or 2?
it would be better if i had them before so that i could judge. i might get some other judges, i do not know.
P.S. The armor might change colors depending on which planet they go to in my story. carry on building now.
1 month ago
Eyo. I may have some relevant model files for this, would I be alright to message them to you?

Although as I was looking at your models I didn't see anything connected to Clone Troopers.
1 month ago
I just saw this again and I LOVE the upgrade you gave my clone!
1 month ago
P.S. Does that mean that I'm a commander since I have a visor and an antenna thing (I said 'thing' because it looks like an antenna but I know it's more than that)?
1 month ago
Like Commander Cody.
1 month ago
Any clone can have a visor and a "rangefinder." Take ARC troopers for instance (advanced recon commando) They have Phase 2 helmets before anybody else and also have rangefinders and sometimes visors. True, It is more common for commanders to have them (commander Cody, Rex, Doom, Wolffe, Fox and Bly) but other clones can have them too.
1 month ago
Correction @Slim Brick. I would call it a mesh of Phase 1 & 2. If you think about it. The fin. But, the T-Shaped visor.
1 month ago
They were experimental phase 2 helmets so they were loosely based off of Phase 1
3 weeks ago
So who won? Or when will you announce the winners?
2 weeks ago
Actually, you can use the first three. That I originally provided. I felt horrible when I withdrew my clones. You can still use them.
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