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My Sith For LM707 (Darth Caedes)
Published 10 months ago
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Caedes is Latin for 'bloodshed'.

I hope you like him!

Backstory: Marcus Axeron (Pronounced Axe-Err-Ron) (home planet: Coruscant) betrayed the Jedi. However, Marcus changed sides during the clone wars, not during order 66. He became the secret apprentice of General Grievous. Marcus also faced Obi-wan in battle and lost. Following the death of Grievous, Marcus (Who was now known as Caedes) swore revenge on Obi-wan. He was on Utapau at the time of Grievous' death, and he faced Obi-wan there, but he was thrown into a pillar, which caused the whole room to collapse on top of him. Later, Commander Cody and some of his men found Marcus in the rubble. It was amazing that he was still alive as every bone in his body was broken. He was put on life support. The clones realised that he was too damaged to heal and would die soon, so they transferred his consciousness into a robot body. This means that he is immortal and will never age. The only way he can die is if the body is destroyed or broken in battle (this is unlikely as the suit is more than ten times stronger and more durable as titanium).

Sorry if that was long and boring, I just wanted to make sure the backstory was understood.

Facts and Notes:

1) When he became a Sith, he changed his name from Marcus Axeron to Hunter Mortem (Latin for Death).

2) Even though he has a different body, he can still use the force. In fact, the force is even STRONGER in him now than it was before. This is because the robot body is powered by mid-chlorians. These midi-chlorians were also transferred from his body when the clones found them, only now they are not diluted by blood. This is also the main reason why the robot body allows him to remain alive.

P.S. To LM707 - if needed, you may change his backstory as long as you do not change the final outcome.

Here are the details I would like you to keep:

1) Former Jedi.

2) Used to be named Marcus Axeron, now named Hunter Mortem.

3) Uses a robot body.

4) All the features of said robot body (e.g. how durable and strong it is, what powers it, etc.)
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10 months ago
LM707 - Thanks!
10 months ago
BTW, to use one blade, you delete the other lightsaber. The hilt will change a bit, but it's okay.
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