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Lego Marvel Cinematic Universe showcase
Published 4 months ago
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(WARNING: This project may crash your computer! You've been warned!)
Contains as many Marvel Cinematic Universe characters as I could fit!
Notable exceptions: Dane Whitman (He barely did anything in Eternals. If the character does more, I'll add him in a future iteration.)
Blade (He had a vocal cameo, but we couldn't see him.)
The Howling Commandos and the Ravagers from Guardians 2's post credits scene (I was short on space, and couldn't get them in.) I also didn't include any character versions from What If.
All characters are based on their latest appearances unless otherwise noted!
Bottom Row: Monica Rambeau (WandaVision), Talos (Captain Marvel), Captain Marvel (Shang-Chi), Red Skull (Endgame), Nebula (Endgame), Rocket (Endgame), Drax (Endgame), Gamora (Chose Infinity War version since that's the main MCU version), Star-Lord (Endgame), Spider-Man (No Way Home), Okoye (Endgame), Black Panther (Endgame), War Machine (Endgame), Maria Hill (Far From Home), Nick Fury (Far From Home), Hawkeye (Hawkeye), Captain America (Endgame), Iron Man (Endgame), Thor (Endgame), Black Widow (Black Widow), Loki (Loki), Dr. Strange (Multiverse of Madness), Scarlet Witch (Multiverse of Madness), Vision (WandaVision), Ant-Man (Endgame), Wasp (Endgame), Sam Wilson (Falcon and the Winter Soldier)< Bucky Barnes (Falcon and the Winter Soldier), Shang-Chi (Shang-Chi), Wong (Multiverse of Madness), Happy Hogan (No Way Home), Pepper Potts (Endgame), Korg (Endgame), Miek (Endgame), Odin (Ragnarok), Jane Foster (The Dark World).
2nd Row: Howard Stark (Endgame), Yon-Rogg (Captain Marvel), Arnim Zola (The First Avenger), Mantis (Endgame), Kraglin (Guardians Vol. 2), Ronan (Guardians), Yondu (Guardians Vol. 2), Groot (Endgame), Michelle Jones-Watson (No Way Home), Ned Leeds (No Way Home), M'Baku (Endgame), Shuri (Endgame), Yelena (Hawkeye), Kate Bishop (Hawkeye), Phil Coulson (Agents of SHIELD S7), Peggy Carter (Endgame), Hulk (She-Hulk), General Ross (Black Widow), Sylvie (Loki), The Ancient One (Endgame), Mordo (Multiverse of Madness), Agatha Harkness (WandaVision), Hank Pym (Ant-Man & The Wasp), Luis (Ant-Man and the Wasp) Janet Van Dyne (Ant-Man and the Wasp), U.S. Agent (Falcon and the Winter Soldier), Contessa De Fontaine (Black Widow), Xu Wenwu (Shang-Chi), Trevor Slatery and Morris (Shang-Chi), Aldrich Killian (Iron Man 3), Valkyrie (Endgame), Frigga (Endgame), Heimdall (Infinity War).
3rd Row:
Abraham Erskine (The First Avenger), Dum Dum Dugan (The First Avenger), Korath (Guardians), Nova Prime (Guardians) Ego (Guardians Vol. 2), Ayesha (Guardians Vol. 2), Stakar Ogord (Guardians Vol. 2), Peter-Three (No Way Home), Peter-Two (No Way Home), Killmonger (Black Panther), Ramonda (Endgame), Everett Ross (Black Panther), Yellowjacket (Ant-Man), Proxima Midnight (Endgame), Corvus Glaive (Endgame), Thanos (Endgame), Ebony Maw (Endgame), Cull Obsidian (Endgame), Mobius (Loki), Agent Sitwell (Endgame), Alexander Pierce (Endgame), Ghost (Ant-Man and the Wasp), Kurt (Ant-Man and the Wasp), Zemo (Falcon and the Winter Soldier), Karli Morgenthau (Falcon and the Winter Soldier), Xu Xialing (Shang-Chi), Whiplash (Iron Man 2), Obadiah Stane (Iron Man), Grandmaster (Ragnarok), Erik Selvig (Age of Ultron), Darcy Lewis (WandaVision).
Row 4:
Quicksilver (Age of Ultron), Howard the Duck (Guardians Vol. 2), Corpsman Dey (Guardians), The Collector (Infinity War), The Other (Guardians), Electro (No Way Home), The Lizard (No Way Home), Sandman (No Way Home), Dr. Octopus (No Way Home), Green Goblin (No Way Home), Vulture (Homecoming), Zuri (Black Panther), Ulysses Klaue (Black Panther), He Who Remains (Loki), Ultron (Age of Ultron), Ajak, Ikaris, Sersi, Thena, Phastos, Sprite, Makkari, Druig, Gilgamesh, Kingo (Eternals), Moon Knight (Moon Knight), Topaz (Ragnarok), Skurge (Ragnarok), Sif (Loki)
Row 5:
Minn-Erva (Captain Marvel), Bron-Char (Captain Marvel), Melina (Black Widow), Taskmaster (Black Widow), Dreykov (Black Widow), Red Guardian (Black Widow), J. Jonah Jameson (No Way Home), Aunt May (No Way Home), Mysterio (Far From Home), Shocker (Homecoming), Sharon Carter (Falcon and the Winter Soldier), Justin Hammer (Iron Man 2), Nakia (Black Panther), The Watcher (What If...?), Kaecilius (Doctor Strange), Jimmy Woo (WandaVision), Baron Strucker (Age of Ultron), Betty Ross (Incredible Hulk), Abomination (Shang-Chi), Samuel Sterns (Incredible Hulk), Pip the Troll (Eternals), Eros (Eternals), Arthur Harrow (Moon Knight), Hela (Ragnarok), Volstagg (Ragnarok), Fandral (Ragnarok), Hogun (Ragnarok).
Row 5:
Att-Lass (Captain Marvel), Senator Stern (Winter Soldier), America Chavez (Multiverse of Madness), Destroyer (Thor), Crossbones (Civil War), Ravonna Renslayer (Loki), Cassie Lang (Endgame), Eddie Brock (No Way Home), Edwin Jarvis (Endgame), Quake (Agents of Shield S7), Iron Fist (Iron Fist S2), Jessica Jones (Jessica Jones S3), Daredevil (Daredevil S3), Luke Cage (Luke Cage S2), Punisher (Punisher S2), Kingpin (Hawkeye), Echo (Hawkeye), Laura Barton (Hawkeye), Batroc (Falcon and the Winter Soldier), Harley Keener (Endgame), Dormammu (Doctor Strange), Christine Palmer (Multiverse of Madness), Laufey (Thor), Malekith (The Dark World), Kurse (The Dark World).
Top Row (The Creators):
Roy Thomas, Anthony Russo, Joe Russo, Joe Simon, Steve Ditko, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Kevin Feige, James Gunn, and Jim Starlin.

Special Thanks to YouTuber MiniSuperHeroes today for a lot of design inspiration. As well as Mecabricks users Slim Brick1 and WizardBricks1 for Cull Obsidian and Talos builds, respectively. I'll try to update this yearly as new MCU projects release. Feel free to ask mey anything in the comments!
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4 months ago
Wow you got… Everyone
4 months ago
This is so good my computer spontaneously combusted!
4 months ago
Saying that it crashed my computer is an understatement!
4 months ago
Apologies for any and all destroyed computers due to this project! I recommend zooming in as quickly as possible and panning through the roster. It runs smoother that way.
3 months ago
@kavtheradical they are not, sorry.
3 months ago
its okay. i can use the fig rig addon to rig the charecters, and its still AWESOME!!!
2 months ago
it wont even show the characters for me
2 months ago
@djbuilder apologies for that. I may have gone too big. If you can't view it, try using a different computer.
2 months ago
add dane whitman hes the black knight
2 months ago
@doctor_fez Your suggestion has been noted. He's coming next time! (I'll try to update it yearly)
1 week ago
When I get in i think I am zoomed in so far.
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