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Green Team LW
Published 1 year ago
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Heya my burrahobbits, LW here!

I'd say the title is self-explanatory, but if you want an explanation...


Standing behind a soft snow reinforcement wall, I hold in my hands the fear of all mankind... the SB-17, an advanced sniper rifle that sucks in the cold, moist air, converting it to hard snowballs that'll crush a skull, or a minifigure head if necessary. Just kidding about that last part. I think.


God Bless!

Signing off,

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1 year ago
I thought you weren't making it until January
Great job!
1 year ago
That is a nice looking gun you've got there.

Congratulations on 10k views, as well! (Maybe a little bit late.)
1 year ago
Well, I sped up my procrastinating, and got the job done. Thanks!

I think it's some sort of actual weapon term, I'm not sure. Hmm... "Snow-Ball-17" is what I thought of originally

Why thank you, and same to you! 10k views, I mean. xD
I think I might put out a 100 Models celebratory build, but I'm far from doing that just yet
no the point it a gun like that is cute you should see my SNOWINATOR, though if you address it use the voice of dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz to do so.
1 year ago
@LegoWilderness: After cleaning up my account a bit, I too am now nowhere near the 100 model mark.
1 year ago
In the words of LW, "Thank ya my burrahobbit!"

It is down quite a lot
1 year ago
Love the use of the carrot pieces!

Glad that gun is on my side.
11 months ago
Cool! I agree with Snap, cool use for the carrots!
58 models | 16.3k views
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