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The Last Chance, Chapter 1
Published 4 weeks ago
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So. . . I guess I've decided to write a story
I hope it works out. o_o this was based off a dream I had about 3 months ago, Pyro and my other friends have been nagging me to write a story based off it, so I guess I am now.

Without further ado, I give you Chapter 1 of The Last Chance

Cody slipped into the line, this was the last of the enhanced warfare simulators. He needed to win if he was to escape this dystopian nightmare. Once the line had moved on into the mile high building complex he removed his backpack. An odd assortment of stuff lay inside his bag. A L.E.D torch, a Nerf sniper and Firestrike gun, a small pocket knife, sunglasses, and several Band-Aids. Quickly he pulled his baseball cap down, the guards had returned to their stations. Once they had moved on he took the pocket knife out of the bag and slid it into his pocket. If everything went to plan, he’d be reunited with his family in Jeoul. All he had to do was hold up his end of the bargain and Derick would get the flag, thus ending the simulation, and they’d be off world. He clenched his fists so hard that his fingernails dug into his skin. He had to be calm.
“You lot move to line 12” commanded an Enforcer
The five people ahead of him took the remaining spaces in line 12. Pretending to tie his shoelaces he ducked down. His sneakers were weathered and getting tighter. The doors in front of the lines opened the 8 people in each line hurried into the doors, it was hard to see the environment that the Game-Masters had chosen, it looked like a safari. Good. That meant it was a cityscape next.
“You, boy!”
His head snapped up, swallowing hard he looked into the grizzly bearded man's cold eyes. “Yes sir?”
“Stay focussed. You're gonna wanna win right? Stay focussed I tell ya, nothing can beat being focused. . . hmm. . . eah, what was we talking about now? don’t remember.” Burped the fat Guard
“You were telling me. . . um. . . that you were going to make sure the next simulation was Cityscape.”
“Right of course.” then walked away.
He sighed, that was close, too close.
“You lot, move to line 2”
Cody and the seven people behind him walked toward the designated section. His heart raced, grabbing the sunglasses he put them on. The sound of the Enforcer yelling out orders was barely audible now.
“Commencing Simulation. Make sure all belongings that are not designed for upgrade are stowed in the compartments. The simulation will begin momentarily.” rang out the female Game-master’s voice through the speakers.
He looked around, the only person who really looked determined was a girl, possibly 13, about a year younger than him. Slung around her back was a pack similar to the one that came from his sector in the city. 15 mechanical pencils were fastened to a belt slug around her shoulder, a very interesting choice of weapons. Ages ago his father had shown up with a sword. Back then there were less landscapes, once he won the simulation. The Game-Masters wanted to keep him, but he stood firm. He's off-world now. The rules work that he’s able to take one other person, so of course, he took mom. She wasn’t able to compete in the games so it was him and his 4 older siblings. It would’ve taken ages for him to win alone. It had been 3 years since Simon, his last sibling, left. All except 1 Enhanced Warfare Simulator, remains, all the rest have taken off. The humans who are able to win, have earned the right to survive. Derick showed up from a far off city, and they were practically unstoppable in the last simulation; they were just gathering info. This one was the real deal. If he could not win, they’d be stuck for another 3 years until the disease spread thickly enough for complete annihilation.
“Simulation in progress.” Then the doors opened.

Well that's it for now guys
I hope you like it, I'll be sending more chapters soon

of course I have to say all rights go to their respective owners.
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4 weeks ago
Woah... dude... this is like, cereal.

*coughing from back of the room.

Random dude: I think you mean't, "Surreal".

Me: Uh... yeah, totally.

Random dude: I'm not even sure that word is contextual in this situation...

Me: *shrugs* Who cares, I'm talking with Fireblade28, not Operator011.

Random dude: Is that an insult on Fireblade?

Me: No! *holds hands up and waves them dramatically* I just mean that Fireblade is more likely to be forgiving on grammar errors and stuff.

Random dude: Is that an insult on Operator?

Me: No! I don't mean unforgiving, I just mean... like... he's more serious on these kind of things.

Random dude: Drat! I was hoping you were insulting one of those losers...

*kicks Random dude into some annoying realm*

My point is, Bro... this story is nuts. You're gonna take this think NEXT LEVEL!!!! I love it
4 weeks ago
@Greenie, Thanks Greenie! it means a lot coming from you

@Random dude, your grammar policing is astounding. *Round of applause*
3 weeks ago
@Fireblade I meant every word… this is epic!

*coughing from back of the room*

Random dude: Of course it is, duh…
ah, I love all kinds of dreams. unfortunately, I've been blessed with the ability to wake up from any dream whenever I realize it's a dream.

but hey, RD, do you need some cough drops or...
but while the spell check was good, mean't isn't a word.
meant is, but not mean't
3 weeks ago
It’s great, so far!
(And you’re welcome for the spell-check. There’s plenty more where that came from…)

My story was also based off a dream!
3 weeks ago
@Justy, yeah, I used to not be getting dreams anymore. : ( but then after that day I got 2 in a row so I'm not sure what to say

@Wiz, thanks
3 weeks ago
I had the strange and slightly eager desire to make a random figure and title it "Entry for Fireblade28's story" just to see all the comments that would appear here of people asking you to include their figure
3 weeks ago
Me: *GASP* he guessed my next model in this series O_O
2 weeks ago
thanks dude
(for the comment and render
2 weeks ago
SWEET!!! Looking forward to more!
Greenie: HA!!!! if you won't do it I will
2 weeks ago
Oh boy, can't believe I forgot to comment on this, again.
Anyway, promising beginning, Fireblade! I am certainly intrigued!

(Yes, dreams are certainly the stuff of true novels.)
2 weeks ago
@Zekar, Thanks!! All I'll have to do is find time to write

@D_R, (man almost spelt it DR >_<) anyway, thanks, I'm glad you like it
and yes, that does happen quite often for me. : L
1 week ago
Late comment: very nice!!
Would love to read more
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