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Chapter 14
Published 2 months ago
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Fireblade had fallen dead before more than three guards had been brought under his rage; the next regime of troopers had arrived at the same moment, again sending heavy fire upon the users. They had also taken out RickardCinema. Greenflame had placed his foot into the action, and was cornering Chuck. The yellow ninja was skilled, probably the best on the team when it came to first hand combat, yet katanas, unless special, are no match for a lightsaber.

“Greenie why are you acting crazy!” He yelled in terror at his fire titled foe, who only answered with a thrust of his saber. “Please Greenie, calm down and stop! At least let me talk—” he winced as the undesirable pain of Greenflame’s lightsaber burned in his chest. He mouthed something slowly, before falling to his knees. He fought the calling of death, he couldn’t die yet, he needed to help his friends somehow, in some way. “Go!” He yelled with the last bit of strength he contained, lifting his hand and letting yellow sun rays burst forth in a flash, their light so hot and blinding it knocked all those before him to the ground either dead or stunned. A clear path was now open, and Lax took advantage.

“Run!” He said, leaping over the crate, not even bothering to check and see if the others followed, if they had a functioning brain they would. Racing down the hall he trampled over dead and wounded guards alike. “Come on, we have a break let’s use it!”

“We’re coming, just hold your tongue and let me catch up,” MrBrick shouted, noticing that he was functioning as the team caboose at the moment, and not feeling at all comfortable about it. If something were to happen to anyone, he’d be the first to go.

“Catch up yourself, there’s no stopping when your…” his heart all but stopped as a thud sent the users to a skid, each turning around to see Greenflame standing where MrBrick had last been, but now lay slain. “Racketballs,” he whispered while pulling out a small remote and shoving it into Gman’s hand. “That will help you find your way about the ship, just take the others to safety, and don’t bother about me.” This was said very quickly, almost too quick for Gman to understand. “No surrender,” he said with a nod, almost in some form of a plea for Gman to listen.

“No surender,” he responded, giving a nod of his own, and reluctantly pulled his companions away from the battle worn hall.

Lax was alone now, not in a literal sense, but more mentally. Greenflame seemed more like a killing machine than a person. He knew defeating Greenie would be hopeless, but he could let his friends advance. Besides, if they defeated Lord Phantom, they might undo what had been done, it was the beauty of the situation. He aimed his blaster and fired at the figure, who deflected the laser, sending it away to scar the wall. Lax fired another blast, and another, with each shot deflected the others would have a fraction of a second added to their time. He jumped to his left as Greenie ran forward. Pulling a helmet off of a fallen solider Lax threw it at Greenflame, who divided it with a slice of his saber, and dove forward again, threatening to do the same thing too Lax.

“You’re apparently good at working undercover, however I would say your fighting needs to improve traitor,” Lax said with another shot. Greenflame didn’t answer, but only ran at him again. Diving to the side Lax rolled across the ground as the lightsaber’s beam passed over him. Rising to his feet, he sped back into the so called safe room and dove behind an upset crate.

“You’re the traitor,” Greenie said, walking in slowly and keeping his eyes on the large container. “Abandoning your master, switching sides, I’m not the one to blame.”

“I was never for his evil schemes.”

“Neither was I, but my calling is clear.”

“Well you’re confusing,” Lax circled around one crate, keeping his eye on Greenie, who seemed to move flawlessly towards him in the most menacing manner. He aimed his gun at the kid and fired. Once more the laser was deflected.

“Your end is close,” Greenflame whispered.

“I know,” Lax said, crawling to the top of the crate and staring down at his opponent, “but I planned it that way.” He pulled the trigger again, sending another shot at Greenie, who once more deflected it; however, this time it fled straight towards Lax, who hadn’t expected it to return, and a second later fell dead.


Operator had locked down all entrances by typing in the emergency code [DASH] into the computer systems, if anyone was going to board the ship they’d have to blow things up, which was expected.

“That’s a lot of troopers,” j2fam noted as he looked out from the bridges main window, and down into the hanger bay below.

“Stating the obvious is the kinda thing Jay would do man,” Kai rolled his eyes as he spoke, “try being original.”

“Hey—” his partner started to retaliate, but was cut off by a firm slap to the chest from KnightofElabor.

“How long till you’re ready for us to make a break Op?” The knight asked.

“Hold on, I’ve almost got these connections worked out.” Operator had been speedily working at the computers, replugging systems and being too busy to answer anything, even Jay’s questions about tuna fish. He flip a few switches, which clicked like an old typewriter, and then stood back in satisfaction as the screens lit up with different scenes from all around the ship. “How does it look?”

“Uh… could you explain what the heck that is?” Random dude asked.

“Oh, I’ve hooked up every gun this ship has to my control pad, allowing me to fire away at any approaching intruder.”


“That’s fine, but are we ready?” KoE persisted.

“Um, are you. I’m staying behind with the ship, if It’s going down I go down with it.”

“But we need cover,” Random dude said irritably.

“Yes, I’ll be giving you cover via guns. It will give enough time for you and knight to get to wherever you guys are going.”

“And me,” j2 stated.


“I’m going with them, I’m not one for heavy fire and pressure.”

Operator looked at both KoE and Random dude, who had mixed reactions. KoE just shrugged as if it was no problem, but Random dude glared.

“It’s fine,” the knight said with a wave of his hand, “he’ll prove helpful.”


Boom! The ship shook, and Op jumped over to his controller. “Time for me to shine bros, they are break’n in.”

“We’ll see you when it’s all over,” KoE said, leading his men out. “Alright guys,” he whispered once in the hall, remember, once we meet the cyber ninja at the door you just follow them, and make a clear path for us.”

“Rogger Rogger,” Catz said, trying to imitate a droid but sounding more like a stuck turtle in a dog’s throat.

They crept down the halls quickly and quietly, though, silence was really no advantage to them. Once at the door, they were indeed met by the ninja.

“Y’all ready?” A red and white one asked, a dominant looking figure with red translucent shurikens.

“Yes,” KoE’s voice wasn’t very convincing, but no one could have expected it to be more. Fear and uncertainty was natural, and just one more thing to overcome.

“Then let’s go.”

The ninja threw the door open, and out spilled the cover team. Weapons flashed, lasers flew, and the elements of fire and lighting filled the air around them. The battle was raging in less than a second, and their hopes tottered on a fence.

“Are we doing good?” j2 asked.

“You can never tell this early o—”

“That door over there,” Random dude interrupted with a point of his claw hand, “that’s what we’re going for. We’ll charge when you say brah.”

“Ah, right. You ready j2fam?”


“Then get over it, we can’t have weights dragg—”

It was KoE’s turn to interrupt, and he did so with much satisfaction. “Go!” He’d yelled, pushing Random dude out and onto the ground as they charged forwards and into the fray.

“Who’s dragging behind now!” j2fam said with a laugh.

“Shut up man, and just try to survive.”

Suddenly KoE skid to a halt as Ninjacatz hit the ground before him, dead as roadkill.

“No,” he whispered, and then almost jumped out of his armor when the kid revived himself and stood up.

“Awe man, now I only have seven!” He screamed in frustration.


“Oh, well, we all have stuff in our blood that makes us powerful, it has to do with our username. JCreations told us about it, and I decided to do some testing in my free time. I discovered,” he stopped and knocked off the heads of two approaching guards, and then continued, “I discovered that not only am I a natural ninja, but I can also see in the dark and I had nine lives, now I only have seven.”

“So you’ve been killed twice already!” j2 asked is surprise.

“Um, no… you see… I’ve been killed once and, I don’t really want to talk about how I figured out the nine lives thing.”

“Oh,” KoE said, pulling one of his glowing purple swords out and slaying an approaching trooper. “We have to get going, but try not to take advantage of your lives.”

“Okay, see ya—” another beam struck the cat boy in the head, and a second later he stole the gun away from his murderer and returned to favor. “Six! I now have only six! Shoot…”

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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2 months ago
Wow, four kills in one chapter. That's gotta be a new record. Great chapter!

honestly surprised I'm still alive
2 months ago
Aaaand I died!

2 months ago
Never knew greenie hated me so much

TEZKG; Bruh.
Me; The Fffffffffflip?
TEZKG; ya asked for him to kill you multiple times
Me; This is why your now just an forgotten O.C!
2 months ago
But in all seriousness, I think everyone has to come back near the end of the series.
2 months ago
Isn't that five, @G-man?
Will the war have no end??

Nice tags.
2 months ago
Oh no. We have to be almost at the end. The situation has gotten as bad as it can get. But good writing!
2 months ago
@Gman Do you think you will actually die? Anyways, thank you!

, you were right last time
... sadly

@TEZKG O_O... um... please don't ever team up with Random dude

@Snap Thank you

@Dragon_Rider06 Ah, well... thinks... at least, at least 4 more chapters will do... anyways, thank you!

@Operator I know you haven't commented yet, but thanks anyways!
2 months ago
Awesome chapter, Greenie!!
2 months ago
What can I say but I'm dead now, I'm dead now.
2 months ago
I do believe that greenie is going a little trigger happy O_O
2 months ago
@Greenie: I'd be more surprised if I lived.
And I'd probably have a hefty dose of survivor's guilt.
2 months ago
@legomaster because it's cool
, and it's part of the overly complex yet very simple plot.

@Lax Thank you!

@FireBlade Hmm... that's funny.... because I use a lightsaber

@Gman Ah, yes, well... not everyone shall die...
2 months ago
You're welcome, Greenie!

Seriously, this was a great chapter! The kill count was mighty high, though. O_O
I wonder what the dead pool will be after this story. Hopefully nothing but baddies, but who knows.
(Rhetorical question, that's why there's no question mark.

I wonder how I'm gonna manage all those guns. I'm a fast learner, but all the turrets in the ship? O_O
Quite the workload indeed.
2 months ago
dang, ngl this story's getting kinda dark. . . it's great tho! well done, well doe

amen brother!
2 months ago
2 months ago
@Operator Thank you! You will manage, trust me... don't worry about it
. Oh, and you thought the kill count was high in this chapter O_O, oh... I'm sorry.

@KoE I'd say it's more darkish, not dark yet... we ain't even at the end yet! But thanks

...and yes, amen

@Whoever... Oh, it's gold
Yes, Lax does look awesome
2 months ago
@Greenflame24, oh I'm gold !!!!
. With @Lax was added in the chapter 14 !!! JUST ITS OH COOL !!!!!!!
Just oh I'm happy that you say ask me 'Gold' oh
You are friends with @Lax ? Can are friends with you if you want
You are Green and I'm gold like the colors
2 months ago
Yes, I am friends with @Greenflame24!!
2 months ago
OH, Just @Greenflame24 is green, I'm gold like the colors can be FRIENDS !!!!
2 months ago
*pathetic rimshot*
aw come on, have ANY of you been to Europe?

now, why don't any of the people who've died have DETERMINATION?
*another pathetic rimshot, except worse*
actually I kind of get why no-one would know that...
2 months ago
wait... MB is dead!!! the army of babies is now an army of orphans...
geez. mass genocide much, greenco?
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