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Chapter Seven
Published 1 month ago
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So what did ya think? Was the chapter good? Oh, wait... unless you wait to read the intro first... yeah... you haven't read it yet. Anyways, as a brief bit of explanation... The guy holding the hammer is Robert, Chris is in the light brown jacket, and Hope is... well... Obviously... The guy with the beard if Tristan... JK! The guy with the beard is Hope! I told you it was obvious...

Robert Minor closed his eyes and held the staff firmly across his chest, listening. The training room was quiet, and then McRen pulled the chain. He kept his eyes shut as the sound of the sliding punching bag grew louder, he could almost feel its presence draw close, but he stayed. Finally, when it seemed like there wasn’t even half a second left before the coming collision, he leapt into the air with a shout and swung his staff, striking the bag so hard the staff broke in half and sent the bag swinging. Another one came from his right at the same moment which he quickly deflected with a light kick. McRen pulled another chain and two smaller ones approached from both sides, he ducked under one and brought his fist into contact with the next. Still, McRen wasn’t finished. Pulling a rope off a nearby peg he let if fly freely, instantly letting loose a long pole covered in black foam swung from the ceiling. It headed straight for Robert, and the groans of two more echoed from behind him. Knowing he only had one choice of escape he threw himself to the ground he let the first pole swing over just before he grabbed it and let the momentum carry his body into the air long enough to escape a painful collision with the other two.

Pow! He fell to the ground and looked around with in a dazed manner. He hadn’t watched his back. During his ‘flight’, McRen had tracked him down with another punching bag, one large enough to floor him.

“Good show lad,” McRen said as he gazed at the student. “I’m sure the agency will appreciate you skills, that is if you decide to join them.”

“‘Decide’? What makes you think I’m considering any other option?”

“Oh, I just thought you might if one was presented to you.”

“Master, I’ve done all the research I can. Berkley is the most free agency there is on the island. The others have far too many restrictions.”

“Yes, all but one. Which isn’t really an agency so you’re not interested.”

Robert raised an eyebrow.

“So I’m guessing that you’re the one who might present me with this other option?”

“I might be,” he said with a cocked smile. “Come have some tea and we will discuss this.”

“I really am not in the mood to change plans, and you know I only drink coffee.”

McRen sighed, and then motioned for him to follow. Once in the kitchen Robert pulled out a chair and sat, while McRen got himself a cup of tea.

“Lad what I’d like to present is probably ideal to you. You told me that you wanted to help others in dark situations, and that you wanted to have as much freedom as possible.”

“Thats right,” he said while McRen took a sip of the gold and green liquid.

“Well, I have found an option that is about as free as you can get.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Do you read the paper?”

“No,” he shrugged. “Never cared too.”

“Well, not to change the subject, but if I were considering becoming and agent I would always keep up with the news, you never know what important stuff you could pick up.”

Robert nodded, feeling like an idiot.

“Not be ashamed lad,” he said with a wave of his hand and an expression that once more let him know he knew what he was thinking. “Let me continue explaining. Over the past week and a half a hooded figure has roamed our streets, freeing citizens from sporadic evil. Five days ago he appeared again, but this time in, as the papers call it, ‘heroic fashion’ and ‘accompanied by a side kick’. Robert, I would like to inform you that those are my other two students, and they are free to fight crime however they wish.”

“That sounds ridicules.”

McRen laughed.

“Indeed it does, but it is happening nonetheless. Multiples lives have been saved because of them.”

Robert sat there quietly for a moment, unsure what to say. This, though it sounded insane, did seem more ideal as McRen had said. He almost jumped suddenly as something fluttered in his heart, something that told him this decision would change his life forever, much deeper than he’d ever dream. A small voice pounding in his head, one that was both unclear and deep.

“I will meet them as soon as possible,” he suddenly said so firmly that he surprised himself, and then looked away at the nearby window.

“That would be tomorrow at seven then.”

“Yes,” he said with a weak nod. “At seven.”


Chris parked the car and stepped out into the cool mountain air, along with Hope and Tristan.

“Well,” he groggily said with a stretch. “Time for some one on one Tristan.”

“Oh boy,” Tristan said while placing his hand on his head as if he were feeling faint. “Are you sure you don’t just want to claim the crown of victory without having to fight, I mean, you win either way.”

Hope laughed and Chris playfully rolled his eyes. “Come on man, you’re better than you expect.”

“Still not as good as you though,” he half jokingly mumbled as they stepped inside and kicked their shoes off onto the mat. Once in the training room they froze at the sight of a stranger, a dark haired young man not too much older than they were. He face was firm and squared, and his arms seemed to bulge with muscles.

“Robert,” he said with a nod.

“Uh, oh yeah. I’m—”

“Chris and Hope Blackmon, and Tristan Cole.”

“Creeping crawling crapes!” Chris said, trying to sound more astonished than he really was.

“Ah welcome,” McRen’s voice came from behind them. He playfully tapped Chris on the head with his staff as he walked in. “This is Robert Minor, your new companion.”

“Um, that isn’t decided yet,” Robert added, but McRen only waved his hand as to dismiss that option.

“Chris, Tristan, why don’t you fully explain to him what’s going on here, I need to file a few papers.” With this McRen left the room, which was now shadowed in an awkward state of silence.

“Um,” Tristan began but was cut off my Chris who, unsurprisingly, seemed to be determined to convince this new fellow to join.

“So man, all you basically have to do is wear a ninja suit and beat up bad guys. Oh, and you can’t wear orange, that’s my color. Actually, you can’t wear green either.”

“Um, I’m not wearing a ninja costume.”

“Come one bro, it’s a disguise.”

Tristan looked at Robert and shook his head.

“Chris I never had that as a requirement—”

“But it’s so cool.”

Thonk. Everyone turned to see McRen standing in the doorway, a small smile on his face.

“Robert my lad, I do agree that a disguise can help with the mission.”

“And I completely agree, however I don’t see any need to dress up.”

“Dress up!” Chris said in a flustered tone. “Dude, these are genuine—”

“Oh Chris will you ever shut up,” McRen said with another wave of his hand, that seemed to be his favorite gesture. “Now, follow me.”

Walking to the back of the room he pulled aside a curtain, revealing another hallway. He mumbled something to himself as he passed by doors, and then, upon reaching the fifth door to the right, pulled a key from his pocket and placed it in the keyhole. It unlocked with an almost echo like click, and then the door was pushed open.

“Ah where is the light switch,” he whispered while feeling along the wall. Click. Overhead lights flickered on revealing a room full of old armor and weapons.

“Wow…” Chris whispered in amazement.

“Robert this is the armor of my fathers, from back in their heroic days. My ancestors were mighty warriors when the land still fought in battles and sailed overseas. Before this island became a hermit concealing itself from the outside world. Lads, this armory holds history, and I give it to you to let it appear in at least another chapter. Do with it as you will.”

They all looked around for a few minutes. Robert pulled a large battle hammer from a nearby stand, looking at it with pleasure.

“Master,” he said with a small grin that was growing slightly with every passing second. “What use is there in arraying myself in armor if I’m only to fight a common criminal.”

McRen opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off by Chris.

“Because it’s cool.”

“Chris Blackmon only if you could show me a swarm of flying snails would I be content with your consistent blabbering! Now shut your mouth for half an hour and let us speak.”

With these words Hope, who had been very quiet, burst into laughter, casting humorous glances at Chris, who’s face had gone very red.

“As I was going to say. The armor has more uses than just protection. As fictional heroes seemed to become reality, you be both loved and hated by mankind. Both of those, depending upon situation, are good things. And, though I wouldn’t believe anything to happen, I will say you never know when a bit of armor might do you well. The choice is yours, but if I were you, I’d take as much as I could fit on this old body of mine.”

Robert looked at his master, and then back at the armor.

“I never agreed to this yet or—”

“Not to us you haven’t, but in your mind you have. The team welcomes you, now if y’all will excuse me I must get back to some business.” Saying this he promptly left the room, which remained quiet for a few seconds.

“I’m going to feel like an idiot wearing this,” Robert said as he glazed his fingers over a well shined samurai like breastplate.

“Not once the news papers start declaring you a hero man,” Chris retorted in his usual cheery mood.

“That’s exactly what I don’t want.”


“I simply don’t care to make a show of myself. It’s, eh, kinda an intrusion of my personal life.”

“Not if you are in disguise. What about you Tristan, what are your thoughts about the news?”

Tristan looked up from the weapon he was currently admiring, an unreadable expression marked across his face.

“I don’t care what they say. Just as long as I’m doing what I need to.”

“What if they lie about you,” Robert questioned.

“Let them lie. No one knows me, and I wouldn’t really have much to lose if they did.”

The room fell silent again, and remained so for about a minute. Chris would have blurted out some prying question as to what he had meant by this, but Hope was able to seize his arm in time. Something about his statement was almost disturbing, and it wasn’t really what he said, but how he had said it.


Tristan met McRen in the garden. McRen, upon hearing, or rather discovering, that Tristan needed a better job, offered him one. This both kept Tristan’s pockets fairly full, and gave him an honest answer to tell his mother when he left. He was going to work.

“Your mood has lighted over the past week lad,” McRen said as Tristan began pulling weeds.

“Debatably. I don’t feel that light, at least, when I’m alone.”

“That’s understandable. It’s often in the company of others that our troubles are forgotten, or at least put to the side. However I will inform you that the closer we get to these people this blessing can decrease. We are more willing to share our burdens with them, and they may be more willing to receive them.”

Tristan looked off into the distance. McRen’s footsteps soon began to fade away and then disappeared all together with the creak of the front door. Something bigger was brewing, he didn’t know why he felt that way, but something was going to change. Perhaps he was feeling the weight of his own death, it could be near, or perhaps his call was a much deeper one than he had expected. He shook his head. It didn’t matter, as he had said, he didn’t have much to lose.

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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1 month ago
So... McRen is pretty much Professor X, and these are the beginning mutants...
1 month ago
Holy potatoes this is amazing! Fabulous job
1 month ago
and thanks... and
... I'm not going to tell you if that is true not... but I think y'all "all" know the answer...
1 month ago
Great jumping gumdrops!!!!! Noice job bro!!!

If that happens to Hope, I will personally find you . . . and . . . well . . . avenge Hope.
1 month ago
"but I think y'all 'all' know the answer...

Then she is going to boil
2 weeks ago
Amazing chapter!

Goodness, how many characters do you plan to kill off?
2 weeks ago
No telling if I'm throwing y'all for a loop or not
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