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The Power of a Dream Interlude
Published 4 weeks ago
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The Power of a Dream


We were all in what Greeny called The Creating Room, all except Snappy. Lax was relaxing on the carpet, and Sir Elabor was standing behind me, reading some papers. I drummed my fingers on the table, waiting for the subjects of my wrath to enter. At last, Greeny and LW, looking horribly pleased with themselves, walked in. I threw the papers I was holding down on the table and glared at them.
"Seriously? I let you two write one chapter, and this is what you come up with? This was never in the story!"
"What's wrong?" LW asked, "I don't understand?" But there was a gleam in his eyes.
"Of course you do," I said, "but what in all of Elabor did you two geniuses do it for? Just wait until Snap finds out, you'll be kicked off the team. I can't believe this! I thought we agreed that--"
"Calm down," said Greeny, looking a mixture of ashamed and pleased which irritated me even more.
"How can I calm down? This was my idea, you were supposed to do as I told you? How -- oh no." The door opened and Snap walked in. I could tell by his face, he wasn't happy.
"What have you fellows been doing to the story!" he burst out, "This was never supposed to happen!"
"Well it works doesn't it?" said LW defensively. "It's heroic and noble. The readers will love it!"
"Agh!" I cried, pulling my ponytail in frustration. "If Guitarman wasn't retired, I'd kick you off the team and get him instead."
"Of all the people you had to kill off, why was it me?" said Snap, throwing his hands in the air.
"Exactly." I glared around the room. Lax was still relaxing, watching in amusement at the fray. Greeny and LW remained unmoved, and Sir Elabor, I don't think he'd even been listening. He was shredding some paper, probably the map he'd been trying to draw of Elabor.
"Sir Elabor, don't you think that what they did was entirely stupid and uncalled for?" I said, rounding on him.
"Hey, don't pull me into this," he replied, and that was the end of that.
"Come on you two, how could you do this? This isn't cyberSPACE, you're not allowed to kill off the main characters! This is my story, and I make the rules."
"Yeah, but Snaptoit should be thanking us!" Greeny retorted, "We gave him such a heroic end, the Elaborian bards will be singing of it for a thousand years!"
"Well maybe when my chapter comes up, we can kill you off," Snap said. He took a breath, and made an effort to calm himself before speaking again,
"Look, I was fine with getting captured, but killing me off altogether is another thing. How about you two rewrite the chapter, and everything will be good?"
"No, Snap getting captured is to cliche, take that out too," I said. "In fact, just take out the whole attack, I want chapters 4 and 5 completely rewritten."
"But --"
"I'll go ask Op to join the team instead!" I threatened. I looked around the room. Everyone looked weary, I realised that we ought to take a break to let tensions cool, or some sort of fight would break out.
"Ok, this story is on break," I said, "Snap, don't worry, you don't die or get captured. Sometime we'll bring it back."

End of The Power of a Dream

For now . . .

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4 weeks ago
Wow.... I'm honored that you'd recruit me if I wasn't retired!
This is a wonderful story, by the way!
4 weeks ago
Interesting "end."

Did @LW and @Greenie really write the last chapter?

And what threat were you referring to in that last tag?
4 weeks ago
@Lax, Thanks!

@Sir Elabor, Thank you!

@Gman, I would've added you in the first place if you weren't retired.

@Snappy, No, I wrote everything, but in the story, they wrote the last chapters.
Read the thing again . . .
4 weeks ago
That was my old SigFig.The custom print was removed.
3 weeks ago
Oh... my... word...
. That was unexpected, and so fun
... make me get eaten by a poisonous hedgehog or something
... that would be SOOOoooo funny...
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