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For BrickGuzy New Avengers Enera Quill
Published 4 months ago
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Name: Enera-el Quill, or Enera
Age: 15
Eyes: Big and brown
Hair: Black. She pins it up with a golden comb, the only thing left of her mother's that her owner hadn't sold. She will gladly punch anyone she thinks is looking at it too closely, as Rocket Raccoon found out quickly.
Super hero name: After several suggestions by her team -
"Her ladyship!"
*sarcastically* "Oh, yeah, Lady Trash. Totally digging it."
"I am Groot?"
*sarcastically again* "Ooh! I Know! Lady of junk!"
"I am Groot."
"She should be Lady of Beauty!"
"Yer crazy, Captain Literal."
"I am Groot!"
- they finally arrived at the name "Starmaker".
"After all, the kid can make anything out if junk. Why not stars?"
Weapon/skill: Two spears that she uses mostly as quarter-staffs, to wack away any junkers trying to steal her stuff.
Personality: Surprisingly sweet on the inside, but toughened from life on the trash planet. She is still learning about life, with the help of Thor, Drax, Mantis, Peter, a raccoon and a tree. Mostly the tree.
Best Friend: Groot
Home: It used to be the wastelands of Saakar, but she now lives on the Benatar with the Guardians.

Origin story: !!Spoilers if you haven't watched Infinity War through Endgame!! Enera is the striking adopted daughter of Peter Quill, known to some (but not many, to his great frustration) as Star Lord. Her mother, Donera-el, had fled her home planet Zen-Whoberi when the Black Order had attacked, and ended up on Saakar (as all things do eventually). She went from being one of the most influental families on Zen-Whoberi, to a slave, known as Junker2643. Her real name died with her in childbirth.
Her daughter Enera grew up constantly looking for ways to get off the planet.
When the Guardians crash landed, Quill discovered Enera and adopted her for Gamora's sake, and Enera agreed to go with him, if only to get off Saakar.
Enera's favorite superhero is Thor, to Peter's annoyance. Thor had been her owner's favorite Champion, and she grew up listening to tales of how Thor almost beat the Hulk, and then escaped with him and two others, very heroicly. But, though she'll never tell Quill, her real hero is her new dad, whom she is slowly learning to love.
Enera is the ground hand-to-hand combat part of the crew, along with Drax. She loves going on missions, and gets around with a custom jetpack made out of stolen parts (courtesy of Rocket), along with grip-gloves to protect her hands from space.
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4 months ago
I added some stuff at the end, BrickGuzy, and added some stuff to the unposed Enera.
4 months ago
This is the second time I have pressed every letter on the keyboard in order and posted it.
4 months ago
hey I just realized that would mean our character grew up together
3 months ago
Well, actually, Enera didn't grow up with Star Lord and Thor and stuff. The team found her when she was around 13-15, but she and Roman still definitely know each other!
3 months ago
that pretty cool, I might make a model about it if thats okay with you tallgirl
3 months ago
That's totally fine- but only if you send me the link! (3
3 months ago
@Blue, I changed Enera's face. I found a better head.
3 months ago
It makes her look younger, which she is.
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