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Demon Minifigure
Published 2 years ago
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Before I start, first I must say ALL credit for the minifigure design goes to SophieScout12, who kindly let me make up a story for the awesome fig.
So please go check out the original model at

Let's start the story.

Many Octobers ago, on the thirty-first, there was a young boy trick-or-treating. He lived in a wet and swampy area, so he would always have to look out for crocodiles. It was a successful night, and he was returning home from his trick-or-treating with a large haul. When passing the swamp, however, he thought he saw a silhouette of a demon in the distance.
It was big and dark, with wings like a crow, eyes like fire, a scythe like the grim reaper, and skin like a crocodile.
A flash of lightning, and it was gone.
Distracted by the strange appearance, the boy wasn't paying attention, and fell into the bog.
He tried to climb out, but at that time it started raining, and he sank deeper and deeper.
It got worse when the crocodiles woke up.
They waddled toward him, and he panicked. The boy started flailing around wildly, making him sink even deeper, and attracting the reptile's attention even more.
The crocodiles were closer.
One opened it's huge jaws. The boy could count the many teeth.
Hot breath on his face... The boy was thinking those last thoughts...
A sharp tooth piercing his fa-

The boy woke up in his bed. It was the first of November. He looked at his chair. There sat his pillowcase full of candy. Confusion. Was it all a dream?
Then, through the window, in the cloudy darkness of the early morning, he saw something. It was big, with crow's wings, fiery eyes, a dark scythe, and skin like a crocodile. The demon.
It looked into the boy's eyes, then was gone.
The boy then realized he was clutching something. He opened his hand.
A crocodile tooth.
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2 years ago
You can come up with some great ghost stories! I just made a story (well it's kind of short) for a Star Wars scene!
2 years ago
@CommanderBrick: Thanks! I like mysterious stories! I wanna hear your Star Wars story!
@MOCmaster: Yeah, I guess so, but as I said, SophieScout12 made the fig.
1 year ago
I remember this! I'm SophieScout12!
1 year ago
Did you like the story I made for the fig?
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