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I messed up, I'm sorry... [ft. Leaks...]
Published 8 months ago
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I messed up, I know that, so... I'm sorry guys.
Now, I know only two things:
A - One of my hands are levitating and cutting through my hoodie, so I can get seriously injured at this point.
B - Yesterday, I uploaded a MOC called "Leaks..."

Talking about that MOC, you guys viewed it 28 times. Thank you for that! But...

If you already have seen that model, you know, that I leaked some stuff about my 1000 views... celebration? Yes, celebration.

So, basically I just made a riddle, and a lot of you guys have been talking about me changing my face, and my alternate accounts?
So, I felt bad, so I decided to reveal some of the stuff.

A - Persons behind me ARE NOT my alternate accounts (as InterBrick guessed). These are just previous versions of me, that gonna be featured in my 1k wiews special "EVOLUTION OF ME"

B - IDK, why I put a cat in there. One of my previous versions (DEMO ME 1.2) had a cat, so...

C - About that question mark covering my head? You'll have to guess still.
[Problem is, I might not be able to do this one, because of technical difficulties]

D - And finally. the gun with letter "F" nearby... You'll have to guess too! But one clue: It has to do something with 2017 AND a secret project I've been talking about in "Me for Phantom_E's Party" MOC!

So good luck, and again, I'm sorry.
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8 months ago
I'm guessing you're changing your head for your sigfig, and F for F in the chat
8 months ago
Guys, If you don't like my face, you could just say so!
8 months ago
What? There's nothing wrong with your face.
8 months ago
It's okay, I forgive you, because I haven't seen any of this!
(Sorry, I hope that wasn't offensive)

In 'A', at the beginning. What do you mean 'Your hand is levitating, and cutting through your hoodie, and can get seriously injured.'?
8 months ago
I mean, you didn't take a look at the model?
8 months ago
Guys, new milestone was achieved while I was sleeping.
Thanks so much for 800 views!
(also, do you want more hints/reveals?)
8 months ago
900 VIEWS!!! Only 100 left to go! Thank you!!!
8 months ago
*reloads the page 100 times*
8 months ago
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