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LEGO mini figure's Series 20 (Custom)
Published 6 months ago
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LEGO mini figure series 19 comes out in a week! and it's never too early to speculate. So i decided to show you what figures we should get in a series 20!
1. film director: the first figure i wan't to show you is the film director. I reused Steven Spielberg's torso from the studio sets and also gave the figure a film camera as it's accessory.
2. Cat girl: the second figure i built is a girl with a cat costume. The figures head is from the new city set and is meant for a boy but that is the best i could find for the girl. her accessory is a kitten.
3. Basketball player: for this figure i reused the sports shirt from a city set. i also gave him war machines head and Clark Kent's hair. his accessory is a basketball (i couldn't add any white to it).
4. Ice cream man: for the fourth figure in this series i used his pant's from the LEGO movie ice cream truck set. He also has a shirt from the downtown diner set. I also reused his head from the series 12 jester. His accessory's are a some ice cream and a spoon.
5. Soldier: this figure is supposed to represent a soldier from the army. His accessory is a revolver.
6. LEGO store worker: for this figure i used her shirt and pants from a city set. Her accessory is the mini cafe corner piece from assembly square.
those are all the figure's I created. Those are just a few figures that could be in the series.
Note: these figures are custom so if LEGO creates a series 20 these probably won't be the figures in there.
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6 months ago
Nice! I can't wait for the next CMF Series!
27 models | 954 views
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