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The Party Ship
Published 4 weeks ago
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I have achieved 100 renders! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes This is the ship I'm using at Lego_Lover's party as well! Sometimes I like to call it the whale, maybe the angel!

Anyways, with that out of the way, thank you all for your support throughout this journey!

And Finally, here is a story on how I came to being rich:

I was interested in military tech, so i designed vehicles, which the military likes, eventually, I became a part of it, then, i got rich! But one day, I was testing an x-ray, and while scanning the moon, I found earth oil, which is SUPER profitable. So anyways, I started mining, and not only was there a whole bunch of oil, there was these strange crystals as well. When I came back, I traded the oil for A CRAP TON OF LEGO MONEY!!! These crystals where a transparent blue, when applied to electricity, It creates propulsion and more energy, so what that meant was two things, one, hover crafts, two, INFINITE ENERGY!!! I might not sell these crystals to the public...

And that's the story! Again, thanks for all of your support, have a lovely day! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes

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4 weeks ago
Why do you fly in a minecart?
4 weeks ago
Ok so a while back I wanted a little personal vehicle kinda like eggman and bowser and i found this neat little drone ball that had the the caution tape on top and that was my inspiration! smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
4 weeks ago
Congratulations!!!All of your renders have been and are awesome!!!
(and you just recoloured the mako!)
4 weeks ago
You're welcome!
(It's a bit obvious)
4 weeks ago
Could I have some of those crystals for studying?
4 weeks ago
I guess it's a way to get back that plutonium!
2 weeks ago
Bishop, I made a build for you!
2 weeks ago
Yes, I saw!
(I just took a small break)
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