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TimeAttack GX2
Published 3 months ago
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This was built for a recent Digi-LUG contest with the theme "time flies". This is a neo-Time Cruisers style MOC. I was inspired by some interdimensional pizza delivery MOCs I have seen in the past, but I also figured pizza delivery would be a good job for a teenage Tim Timebuster.

I think the MOC came together well, but it definitely could've used some more time (ironically) and some more polish. Unfortunately I didn't realize when the due date was and had to rush to finish this. At any rate, I still really enjoyed the contest and building this, and I'm definitely glad I took part! Here's the original description I wrote:

It's true -- time really does fly. Especially when you've only got 30 minutes or less to deliver a hot pizza anywhere in the known LEGO timeline! Oh, and don't ask what happened to the GX1..
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3 months ago
I saw this on DigiLUG yesterday, and it's fantabulous, BH.
3 months ago
Thanks @LegoWilderness I really appreciate it!
3 months ago
I love the use of the die piece
3 months ago
@Clif thanks! It's what inspired the whole build!
2 months ago
umm, why is it an open cockpit? seems kinda dangerous to me.
2 months ago
...also... whats with the ghost dog?
2 months ago
@RandomGuy it's a neo-time cruisers style build. The dog felt like a neat detail to hark back to some of the ghosts that appeared in that theme. I like adding little details that hint at a larger story!

As for the open cockpit, the build takes a lot of automotive inspiration and it's meant to resemble a rollcage. I think it gives it a neat dune buggy/jeep look, plus it was just a chance for me to add some extra detail and visual interest over just using a standard canopy element. (plus those are tricky to implement and I was on a major time crunch when I built this)
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