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7035-1: Police HQ
Published 6 months ago
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The set no. 7035 "Police Headquarters" was third-largest released under the World City brand. The subtheme only lasted for two seasons—a first attempt to rebrand the classic Town, subsequently replaced by City. Around twenty World City boxes came out in 2003-2004, in "Trains" and "Police and Rescue" sub-themes, plus some airline promotions. As a child collector, I missed it just by a few years, I suppose; don't recall seeing much of it in the catalogs.

The 'Police HQ' is quite a fun build, perhaps the only drawback is a relatively small number of minifigures included, not enough to populate both the building and the vehicles. My favorite part is the building itself; generally, I'm not a big fan of such "dollhouse fronts," but it's probably an optimal playability/displayability balance in the physical world. I fancy the color scheme: a cool combination of black & white, gray, and transparent dark brown with some red accents.

There's a prison cell (the only room with full walls, but the back one is only held in place on two studs and has a handle to open it) with a gated door and a sophisticated digital lock controlling it. Three more rooms have the interior: a Police Chief office with a computer on the desk, a small Crime Lab above (which doesn't have any exit or doors whatsoever, hilariously), and a Guard Room on the first floor, with a safe to keep some random valuables, such as gold bricks. (Not even a desk or a chair for the guard to sit on, though).

The entrance itself is decorative, just empty doors leading to nowhere; the same goes for a gated driveway. (I like the gate's detailed design, though, with a lock assembly and clever use of a rigid hose for a hinge). There are many accessories and neat little details spread across the Police HQ: security cam, telecom tower with satellite dishes, a keypad panel in front of the building (mirrored by the identical pad inside the guard room), etc.

Two vehicles that came with the set illustrate a quirky World City design: a very realistic-looking Prison Transport Van and a chunky Police Buggy straight from some superhero comics or 80's cyberpunk b-movie.

The build is about 96-97% exact, with most missing parts being decals, stickers, and other non-critical parts that were easy to substitute. The most notable is, perhaps, a #30536 8x4x2 windscreen on the Buggy; it has a dual 2-fingers connection, and came in white with a huge decal. I had to settle with a #46413 windscreen, which has identical dimensions and very similar curvature. The only significant difference is a connector type (dual-fingered click hinges instead of fingers, but it was easy enough to adapt the mounting surface on the vehicle). Having it plain white was a bit silly, though, so after some trial & error, I went with a transparidark. The outcome might look even better than the original! I wonder why the Lego designers didn't go with transparent in the first place, which could've had stickers on it as well.

My personal fave among the missing inventory is a 2x2 flat tile with a 'fingerprints card' (https://rebrickable.com/parts/3068bpb0061). Very cool artwork, incredibly cute tiniest fingerprints (a full set of ten, which leaves you wondering where all these fingertips would be on the minifig's claw, hehe), and even an inmate number is matching the one on the inmate's torso! Just check the on-duty officer's signature in the bottom right corner; I'll be damned if it's not some of the most delicate hairline print I've seen on Lego decals (definitely in the early 2000s). Incredible attention to detail, and we even get a glimpse of the prisoner's personality (with his first name Jack revealed).

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