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Character for Aocast
Published 2 weeks ago
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Here's my character for Aocast

First Name- Desmond
Last Name- Carter
Age- 18, almost 19
DOB- November 19
Gender- Male

Weaknesses- Can be very stubborn to prove a point, sometimes acts without thinking,

Strengths- Can work as a team and work solo, is very cold weather tolerant, brave and loyal, doesn't back out of a fight, trustworthy, cares about his friends and family,

Bio- Was born in London and moved several times in his childhood. He worked at a machine shop for a little while, and was a street vendor for a little bit. He has a few friends, but they are all very good friends. They signed up for Aocast a couple years before him, and now he can finally go. Just before he planned to join Aocast, his father got cancer and died a week later. He stayed behind to help his mother with the funeral, but after that he left. He hopes to earn a medal of bravery of his own.

Extra Info- Has custom built Pulse Rifle, and custom built headset which has night vision, targeting systems, etc. Wears a medal of bravery his father got in the war, and gave to him before he died.

That's all for now
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2 weeks ago
Wow!! Really awesome character!!!
2 weeks ago
Wow, that's pretty cool! I love the color scheme.
2 weeks ago
@MrBrick, you’re welcome!!
@Operator, fancy meeting you here...
2 weeks ago
@Operator011 Thanks!
@KnightofElabor Thanks dude!
2 weeks ago
Very nice, hmm a tough one to choose a team to be in for sure, which team would you prefer?
2 weeks ago
Thanks! Um, maybe Alpha or Echo
2 weeks ago

@D_R06 Thank you!
1 week ago
Looks great! Any custom parts?
1 week ago
Thanks! Nope, just regular parts
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