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One with nature...
Published 2 weeks ago
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This is my latest MOC (11th October 2020)!
I've been doing a lot of mechs lately, so I decided to make a scene build.
I hope you like it!
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2 weeks ago
You're welcome!
2 weeks ago
Another epic model!
2 weeks ago
Also, if I may ask, why the oil can @GreenFlame24? Also, you're the president, right? I try to keep away from politics.
2 weeks ago
@MOCmaster It is supposed to resemble a watering can. The scene is Wu going out to water 'nature', only to find it... well... gone
could be a bad dream, or the result of neglecting to water it until... it was too late.
2 weeks ago
@Clif oh, and technically I am the "prez"
2 weeks ago
That's such an amazing build! I feel like some of us needed that after months doing nothing at home...
2 weeks ago
this is great! this is definitely a like!
2 weeks ago
Very nice job indeed. I really like how you made the Paifang, really nice, and the design on the pathway is really good too. Nice builds, they always impress me and everyone else that sees them.
2 weeks ago
Thank you all soooo very much!

Thank you so much GreenFlame for that render, I love it! XD! I like the little modifications to make it seem unique!

And Thanks ChuckZillaTime! I love the fact you incorporated one of my other MOC's in the render!

tarnizhed_bricks, I guess we all need time to breath and contemplate on life with nature! * inhales *

And Thanks Kazuhira, I don't think you've commented on one of my models before, I'm glad you like it!

And to the rest of you Thank you!
2 weeks ago
@MOCmaster No problem, you are really talented, and im glad to be able to show my appreciation!
2 weeks ago
omg mocmaster learned rendering
2 weeks ago
@iNath lol, i've been trying to figure out rendering for a while, and quite frankly, I can't. It's weird, I'll render it, and then it wont appear in my drive.
2 weeks ago
RIP the other two renders...
2 weeks ago
Im working on a model where Big Boss (MGSV) is riding in the bed of a cargo truck, like he's sneaking into a base. I've already published it, but I need to add rocks and stuff to the ground to make it more realistic. any tips anyone?
1 week ago
cool, I'm a ninjago lover, apart from the flowers being really cool and the rendered image even better, good job mocmaster!
1 week ago
Thank you so much zaphire!
6 days ago
That is by far the most unique design for a LEGO Torii I've seen, so far. And I thought I saw them all yesterday. (Spent a good hour looking and saving images of them.)
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