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Corovan Light Infantry
Published 2 months ago
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The Imperial Guard deploys foot troops in immense numbers, with or without transports; and the Corovan armies are no different in this regard. Corovan infantry companies are divided into four types- Light infantry, the most mobile and least heavily equipped, Light mechnized, who carry lighter weapons but possess full vehicular transport, Heavy Infantry, who are armed for defending the weakest positions, and Heavy Mechanized, which are exclusively veteren formations, with the best equipment and support as can be acquired.
The principle difference between a Corovan army and most other Guard formations is an extremely abundant supply of grenades- it is often joked that just as every guardsman is a rifleman, every Corovan is a grenadier. The Corovan Guard maintains a close relationship to the sector's Adeptus Mechnaicus, allowing even the lowliest trooper to be issued four to six frag or krak grenades. while decidedly limited in range and per-trooper supply, the sheer shock value of ten thousand grenades arcing over a trench to detonate among the enemy has proven itself time and again for the Corovans.

Light Infantry carry heavy stubbers, grenade launchers, and flamethrowers as support weapons, and typically carry only four standard grenades; split evenly between frag and krack. while they tend to take substantial casualties in open battle, Corovan light infantry almost never engage in such, preferring rapid entrenchment and fortification, followed by allowing the enemy to exhaust themselves on their defenses. once the enemy is so exhausted, the company's armor sections will counter-charge the enemy, with the infantry following behind.

Depicted is a typical light infantry company of five squads, four of which carry a Heavy Stubber and two grenade launchers, with the fourth having a Flamer, two heavy stubbers, and a single grenade launcher.
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