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Chapter 12
Published 1 year ago
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Okay, so, some explanation... I told KoE and Op they would appear, and, well... this chapter got long
... oops... sorry, but I promise both of y'all will appear in the next chapter, without a doubt. Also, sorry if this seems rushed... or confusing... it was kinda hard to write

“Well, you’re not wrong.” MrBrick said to Lax, who’d been ranting about how he’d sabotaged some of the computer systems in Lord_Phantom’s ship, and other small accomplishments. To be honest, MrBrick hadn’t really been listening, only following.

“Why do we have to be the ones taking the long route?” FireBlade asked in a tiresome voice. They had been walking for a long time.

“It’s only a few turns, and some long stretches.” Lax stated, and even as he said this they rounded a corner. They suddenly froze, staring at the sight straight in front of them. A large group of purple and white guards stood there, each aiming a blaster at the newcomers.

“Freeze,” one of them stated.

“Nope,” Pyro responded, leaping backwards in time to dodge the oncoming lasers. The others also joined him, but were quickly pursued by the guards.

“Follow me!” Lax shouted, pulling out his own blaster and firing back over his shoulder.

“Like we’d do anything else,” mancontro yelled at him, scared and annoyed. “I really think that you don’t have to state the—” he was cut short, and hit the floor motionless, having been struck down by a laser.

“Snap! But keep moving,” Lax said, not slowing down in the slightest to view the death.

“This really isn’t looking well,” MrBrick said while trying to pull his blaster out of its holster. They rounded another corner, and Lax ducked in through a doorway, the others following.

“This is they way guys,” he placed his hand on the wall, and it suddenly slid open. “I’ve made hidden passageways all through this place, so follow me.”

They all hopped in, and the wall closed just in time. The room was box shaped, with white blank walls. Lax placed his hand on another wall, and it also slid open.

“Ooh, tight fit,” Pyro stated.

“Yeah, but it’s better than dieing. There is a larger room further along, we can kinda regroup there.”

“Not all of us,” MrBrick said while looking back.

“Yeah, well, losses are always part of missions. Really, we just gotta go.”

One by one they made their way into the tunnel, sometimes crawling and climbing into tighter or higher spaces. Eventually, after they had experienced more crawlspaces than would satisfy them for a lifetime, they made their way into a, as promised, larger room. A few boxes were in a corner, along with one barrel.

“Could have been worse, right guys?” Lax asked with satisfaction.

“Could have been better too,” Fireblade responded, to Lax’s frustration. “So what’s the plan?”

“Well, let me contact the Operator and see what’s up, if I can get signal, I might have to walk out a ways.” He tried the com, but as he had expected there was no signal, so he walked out, leaving the others in silence.

They did nothing for a while, just fiddling with their fingers or hands and looking around awkwardly. They had all been pretty stunned by Mancontro’s death, feeling a gut wrenching pain rise up every minute or so. They didn’t feel like saying anything, or doing anything for that matter. This went on for about six minutes, until Pyro brought some change.

“Guys,” he said slowly, “I just remembered what JCreations told us, about Greenie having flammable substance in his blood, and it makes me think I might be a master of fire.”

The other two stared at him for a blank moment, each realizing the potential that could be in them.

“So,” FireBlade began, “does that mean I have some sorta fire sword power thingy?”

Pyro shrugged, “Probably.”

“Well, then what’s a MrBrick?” The possessor of that name asked, suddenly wishing he’d chosen a much cooler name.

Both brothers looked at each other, and then shrugged. “I have no idea,” Pyro said, “but I think we should try and unlock our ‘true potential’.”

“Yes,” Fireblade said eagerly. “Where do we start?”

Pyro smiled, and stretched, leaned back, and held his right hand forward. He closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. Nothing happened, he flexed muscles in his arm, yet nothing happened. He grimaced, held his breath, and curled his fingers, but still nothing happened.

“I think you have to relax,” his brother said.

“Okay, well…” he loosened, and opened his eyes, but no there were no results. Looking at the others he sighed and shrugged.

“Idda know Pyro,” MrBrick said calmly, “I’m not a doctor, but I do know your blood comes from your heart… I think. Anyways, try, um, summoning it from your heart. It might work, maybe. I don’t think your arm produces the power, if any is there at all.”

Pyro nodded slowly, a small and confident smile growing on his face. Once more he held out his arm, and tried. Something hot and fiery seemed to light in his heart, and his small smile grew. He felt the burning rise into his arm, and suddenly a flame burst from his hand.

“That’s awesome!” Fireblade said, jumping into the air and holding out his own hand. Nothing happened, but he refocused and tried again. Seconds later a sharp and fiery blade emerged from his hand, slicing the air in an energetic way. “Fire bros,” he said with a wink. The two brothers fist bumped, and then turned to MrBrick, wide eyed with excitement.

“Well, what’s a MrBrick?” Pyro asked with a smile.

“Idda know but, let’s give it a shot.” MrBrick held both hands out, and closed his eyes. A minute later he could feel something emerging from his heart, passing through his arms, and suddenly, he felt it, he was holding it, something was in his hands.

“Oh my,” Fireblade said, both horror and humor in his voice.

“Wait, don’t say anything, I wanna—”

“Are you sure,” Pyro interrupted happily, and fire blade laughed.

“What’s so funny? Actually, don’t tell me, I’m opening my eyes right now.” He opened his eyes, and met the gaze of a browned haired lady in a dress. “Wut,” he said, looking down into his arms. A small baby looked up into his eyes with a smile.

“Da da,” it said with a coo.

“Argh!” MrBrick screamed and dropped the child. It hit the floor with a thud, and instantly started crying.

“Darling,” the lady said, quickly picking up the baby and rocking it in her arms. “Don’t drop the baby!” Pyro and Fireblade were practically on the floor with laughter.

“What is this!” MrBrick screamed in terror.

“Introducing,” FireBlade said with a wheeze, “Mr. and Mrs. Brick!”

“What, stop, what is this?”

“What is what love?” The motherly figure asked.

“Guys, please tell me this is some kinda joke?”

“Nope,” Pyro said, “they both just appeared. It’s unchangeable ’Da da’.”

MrBrick looked in shock at both his family, and his friends. “Guys please help.”

“Sorry bud, you’re a dad now,” Pyro responded, laughing hysterically.

“What’s wrong, and why did you drop little Sophie?” His wife asked.

“Little, little Sophie!”

There was an awkward silence between the two, one angry and one confused. Both brothers kept laughing, literally rolling across the floor and having trouble breathing. With all the racket, Sophie started to whimper, and then there came a full flood of tears. At first MrBrick felt the sudden urge to take the baby and comfort it, but then realized how ridiculous it was.

“No,” he said, “no there has to be a way to reverse this, I’m going to try.” Again he closed his eyes, and let power surge through his arms. Things went quiet, and then both brothers all but died. MrBrick shook with fear, not sure what to expect, and not sure what the fuzzy thing was that had just settled down under his nose. Opening one eye slowly, he noticed little Sophie, now about two years old, and the baby boy next to her. “Yikes!” He said with a jump backwards.

“Did ya see your mustache?” Fireblade said between gasps.

MrBrick was now horrified, and reached to yank the terrible thing from his face, only to scream in pain as it insisted on staying. The sudden noise seemed to startle the new baby who, like the first, began crying.

“Darling,” his wife started, “what are we going to do? This noise is too much for the little ones.”

“Well,” he looked down and slowly removed the blaster from his hilt.

“Don’t!” Both brothers shouted, holding their arms out in protest.

“MrBrick, you can’t just kill your family!” Pyro said.

“But, they’re nothing more than just digital, um, coding. They aren’t real users or anything, and I, I can’t live like this!”

“But, no, MrBrick you just can’!”

The protests continued, both Pyro and Fireblade vehemently insisting on MrBrick putting the weapon away. Whether they actually cared about the figures, it couldn’t be told; one thing was for certain however, they did get a large kick out of the situation, and didn’t want it to end. It was about this same time that Lax returned, distressed and worried. He’d just been informed that Gman and his company had also been attacked, and JCreations had been killed. He planned to spill this information out on his friends as soon as he entered the room, but was cut short at the sight.

“Wut?” He asked in confusion, sending the [iFire Brothers[/i] into frantic giggles and howls once more.

“Mr, MrBrick’s a father,” Fireblade shouted.

Lax didn’t know how to respond, but suddenly sputtered and let out a laugh of his own. He quickly took control of himself however, remembering the matter at hand.

“Congrats man,” he said calmly, “I’m sorry I wasn’t able to attend the wedding or the baby showers but—”

“You’ed actually attend a shower!” Pyro interrupted. “Those are just for girls, why’d you ever want to do that?”

Lax’s face went red with embarrassment as the laughter continued, and watched as MrBrick found himself being pestered with pestiferous questions from his nervous wife. Running his hand through his hair he recoiled and tried again.

“No matter, we have a serious situation at hand. JCreations has been killed,” at this the room instantly went silent.

“Oh how terrible,” MrsBrick said in a pitiful voice.

“Yes, they were attacked. Luckily they were able to escape, and lock themselves in a safe room. This ship has five safe rooms, and only one of those is close by. I know how to get to it, so we can help him escape via the tunnels. Cool?”

Everyone nodded in agreement, except the children who’d found something on the floor to play with.

“What do I do with these?” MrBrick asked in desperation, pointing to his family.

“Are they users?” Lax asked.

“Nope, I just used my power and—”

“Your power!”

“Oh,” Pyro piped up. “JC, rest in peace man… anyways he thought we might all have power, something that would link with our usernames. I’m a fire master,” he lit up a flame to demonstrate. “We figured this out while you were gone, and, well, I guess MrBrick’s just makes him an official ‘Mr’.”

“Okay…” Lax said slowly, slightly perplexed and slightly tickled. “Well, MrBrick, as it turns out,” he stopped, hating the words that were going to come out of his mouth. “Since your family really is nothing but, well, digital graphics.”

“No,” FireBlade said with eyes as big as saucers.

“Yes, I’m afraid we need to get rid of them. I mean, they don’t even respond normally. Look at them, they just stand around like video game extras!”

Everyone looked, and understood Lax’s point. Though the family did have some personality, they mostly just stood around and stared at you with an almost disturbing and repetitive look.

“MrBrick, just get rid of them.”

MrBrick held up his blaster, stared at it, but brought it down again. “I can’t do it,” he said in shame. “I know it’s not real, but it just feels so wrong!”

Lax sighed and shrugged. “Well, then let’s build a cage.”

Minutes later the four once more made their way through the tunnels, leaving the locked up mother and children behind. Lax lead them through some more rough areas, places he said needed some work. By the time he told them to halt, they had each received a fair amount of scrapes and bruises.

“This is it, we should be able to get to them now.” Flipping a switch a panel opened in the floor, and welcoming light flooded in. “Oops,” Lax whispered, “I forgot I dug into the ceiling, and it’s a long drop. Hold on guys.”

Poking his head through the hole he stared down at Gman and the others. They were all huddled together, apparently in the middle of a serious discussion. Bang! Something heavy struck the large blast door from the outside, drawing everyones attention that way.

“How long have they been doing that,” Lax called down, startling everyone.

“Lax don’t do that!” Gman said, looking around only to be surprised when Chuck pointed out Lax’s location.

Lax smiled, waved, and spoke up again. “Can you guys stack some crates or something? It’s already a long drop.”

“Sure thing bro, just, uh… y’all give us a minute.”

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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1 year ago
Awesome chapter Greenee!
1 year ago
@FireBlade OL¬O

@Chuck Gracias Arrojar!
1 year ago
I have a feeling that MrBrick will actually become quite powerful in the end, but this is hilarious.
1 year ago

@Operator Thanks
... and we shall see
1 year ago
¡eres muy bienvenido!

wow, nunca lo supe.
1 year ago
Chuck: "Llamaverde24" =/= Greenflame24

It would be something like "VerdeFuego24"
1 year ago
@Dragon_Rider Thank U, and yes, poor old mate... *sniff*
1 year ago
, thanks... I'm not even gong to try and write your name in Spanish
1 year ago
I was wondering if I had been shot down when near the beginning, Lax said "Snap!" O_O
"You'd actually attend a shower?"

Also, did you know that JCreations recently changed his username to "LEGO_Monkey"?
And that one of his Ideas Projects reached 10K?
1 year ago
@Op: Eh, I used Google Translate
1 year ago
@Snap Yeah, I wondered if it would cause some confusion

Anyways, I didn't know that about JC! I've not done much on Ideas in a while, but do have a couple... or like... 4 projects I'm wanting to put on
. Anyways, super glad to hear he finally got on to 10K!!!!
1 year ago
@Snap Oh! i supported that on
Actually, JC and I met because he manage to somehow sneak a Nativity scene into one of LEGO Ideas' activities O_o... I really was shocked that he was able to do that... because after a while they started rejecting my projects for saying 'God bless' at the end >_<.
1 year ago
That is cool!
I may have seen that.

1 year ago
Just ignore this guy Zicfric, he's a known spammer.
1 year ago
yeah, I don't know what he's got against BlueMixedWithYellowThatIsOnFire though..

and I'm guessing Lax's power is handing out Lacrosse sticks left and right with extreme swagger?
I think Mister Brick's (surely growing) army of NPC babies will overpower Phantom and basically win the war
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