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The Workshop: 00.1
Published 2 months ago
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I fell into a hole.

I mean seriously, who places a whole directly beneath a pegasus who's falling out of the sky? That's just mean.
Anyways, I was sitting at my desk doing The_An0nym's Mecabricks treasure hunt (you guys know which one I'm talking about), when something very unfortunate happened. I found the disk of The_An0nym.

Some of you might be wondering, 'Wait, isn't that a good thing?' (Although I suspect most of you won't). So I found the disk, and I was starting to feel happy, when the disk started expanding until it completely covered my screen. Then everything went black.

So I woke up falling. I screamed, but instead of my voice, the panicked neigh of a horse came out of my mouth. Unfortunately, this just made me scream some more. Then I saw the glowing blue circle directly beneath me. I was surprised that I didn't scream my head off. I flailed my arms, but instead of arms I had blue hooves. I stopped screaming, but I'm guessing that it was just because my scream was so high-pitched that I just couldn't hear it.

Wait, I thought. If I have blue hooves, then does that mean...? I tried to spread my shoulder blades out, and sure enough a pair of blue and gold wings spread out from my back. Unfortunately, I was too late. I hit the circle and fell straight through it into a land that looked suspiciously like the Mecabricks workshop. I was able to glide down to the ground, but the sensation of flying was mildly uncomfortable.

I'm my SigFig, I thought.

If I'm in the workshop, does that mean I can create anything I want? That would be cool. It would be kind of like the Labyrinth, I guess. I mean, a realm that's constantly changing and shifting. I just hope that there's know Mecabricks Minotaur. I shuddered at that thought.

As I was thinking about this, walls rose up all around me and a voice behind me boomed, "Hello there! I'm afraid you need to die."

To be continued...

I hope you guys like it! The_An0nym let me create a spin-off story that explains what happens to me before I meet you guys!
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