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03.1 - Data Scroller
Published 2 months ago
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03.1 - Data Scroller

[Project |0]
[All Chapters Are Found Here: https://mecabricks.com/en/models/xov7DXG6a0D ]

The processor noticed Cakery faster than he had anticipated, and started to approach him. Cakery, knowing that he could easily overpower it, increased his pace. He knew that the processor couldn’t hurt him badly, but he still didn’t want to be shot a few hundred times before closing the distance between them. With the advantage of his long legs, Cakery arrived in only a few seconds. The processor had only shot a few times before Cakery had closed the distance between them. He slammed the processor on the floor, making it explode. The black stain on Cakery increased, his limbs didn’t move as smoothly as they had before either. Cakery inspected the weird bot that had been next to the processor. I was lying on its side, unable to drive away. The four wheels were uselessly spinning in the air.
“What do we have here?” Cakery murmured, and lifted it. After a quick glance, Cakery realized that this bot could open its top. Curious, Cakery pushed the metal away and discovered a shiny, blue, crystal. Cakery, ignoring the sound the bot made, had his eyes fixed on the crystal. Minutes passed before Cakery reached out and actually touched the crystal, and then continued to take it out of the bot. Having his prize, he carelessly dropped the bot, which he quickly regretted. The explosion from the bot knocked his leg back, making him lose his balance. In the blink of an eye he found himself on the floor, his left leg damaged and blackened by the explosion.
“Oh, great,” Cakery muttered, and stood up again. After retrieving the crystal, Cakery walked away from the wrecks, having no idea where he would go, or where the others were.

“But to prevent a major panic, I have thought of a way to return you to the exact time you have been sucked into mecabricks,” The_An0nym said. Silence fell over the room as if someone had cast a spell.
“And that is?” Blue_Brickster asked.
“Brick–… guy, good question. After deactivating the system, we’ll hack into its server and use its knowledge to open a portal connected to the 5th dimension. You’ll be more familiar with the term 'time traveling'. To execute this plan, we’ll need all users able to help. I’ll remain here safely, manage all groups and warn them from any potential dangers while you’ll split into groups of two to three and execute the plan,” The_An0nym said.
“And what is the plan?” Mayotron9 asked, lying comfortably in his cushion fort.
“I’ll explain it to each group personally for two reasons. One; if someone gets caught, it’s best if they only know a fraction of the plan, since the system can quickly get any information out of you. Two; it’ll be easier of you to remember,” The_An0nym explained.
“And in what groups should we go?” Nate_Aardman asked.
“I’ll tell you later, rest first. I’ll start assigning groups and missions in a few days, but first I’ll need to ‘animate’ those, who have not been ‘animated’ yet, which is everyone except SuperPup1,” The_An0nym said.
“Animate?” BlackFlame49 asked.
“It’ll upgrade your skills,” The_An0nym vaguely explained, then took out multiple crystals.
“When you finish logging in, hand the crystals to me,” The_An0nym instructed. Blue_Brickster was one of the first to get his crystal. He logged in, and almost wanted to hand The_An0nym his crystal, but then thought of something. If they couldn’t call him Blue or Brickster, wouldn’t it be better to invent another nickname? Since he knew that when in battle, short names were crucial. Blue_Brickster therefore changed his name to ‘BrickGuy’, since he didn’t have any other ideas at the moment. Nothing happened. Then the crystal suddenly began to heat up. Only seconds later Blue_Brickster had to let the crystal go because it was getting too hot.
“Blue_Brickster, what are you doing?” The_An0nym asked.
“I changed my name, but then the crystal suddenly..." Blue_Brickster said.
“Good to know,” The_An0nym replied, in an annoyed tone,"You'll relax into your account on another crystal,". He then collected the crystal. It didn’t take long before he walked away with the crystals. Everyone knew that he wouldn’t return anytime soon.

Darkness was the only light that they had. WizardBuilds1 groaned as he woke up. Happy097 was already wide awake while BrickAssassain7 was still snoring, deep in dreamland.
“Where are we?” Happy097 asked.
“I have a better question,” a voice replied.
“You also here?” WizardBuilds1 asked in a slow and a bit slurred voice. Chuckling filled the room.
“How do you do that? Do you have a megaphone or something?” Happy097 asked. BrickAssassain7 began to wake up.
“No… The real question you should be asking is, immortality, power, wealth or death?” the voice replied.
“What do you mean?” WizardBuilds1 asked.
“Either you join the system, or die,” the voice replied. Chuckling echoed through the room.

[End of 03.1]

Note: Sorry that it took so long... I hope you're ready for the most mind shattering part of the story
At least, if it doesn't shatter my mind first
Enjoy your Day!
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2 months ago
Nice! BTW, I'm writing the last chapter for my story so I'll be ready for your next chapter.
2 months ago
WizardBuilds1 & Daedalus - Thanks!!

Daedalus - Good to know
2 months ago
(My response to the voice) Hmmm... immortality, power, wealth, or death? Let’s see.... we’ll im around 1000 years old already, so immortality is covered... in my home world money isn’t exactly a problem for people.... power, well, I’m already the golden coder, I don’t really NEED more power....
You really aren’t giving me any options here, friendo. Maybe offer me something actually enticing? Like.... I don’t know, I don’t think you CAN offer me something. So how about you instead step aside so I can use my rocket launcher and blow a hole in whatever corrupted system seems to think it rules here? That’s MY offer to you
2 months ago
@Happy097: First of all, that comment doesn't really make you live up to your name, and second of all, surely he could convince you with some digital pizza with a side of digital fries!
2 months ago
BrickAssassain7 - Thanks!!

happy097 -

Daedalus - xD
2 months ago
@deadalus I fail to see how I don’t say those lines without a smile on my face.
Also digital pizza has got NOTHING on that Dragon pizza. I never knew dragon cheese was a thing but OH MY GOD it’s great. Seriously, you ever learn how to dimension hop I will gladly buy you one.
2 months ago
Btw, if you change the camera angle so you're looking at it from the processor's perspective, Cakery looks very intimidating.
2 months ago
happy097 - Maybe I should have switched you with the black armored maniac xD (jk)

Daedalus - Indeed
2 months ago
"One; if someone gets caught, it’s best if they only know a fraction of the plan, since the system can quickly get any information out of you. Two; it’ll be easier of you to remember. Three; it makes for better story development, and will make readers wanting to know more” The_An0nym explained after being edited by justy.
2 months ago
justyouraveragebuilder - xD
2 months ago
maniac man must have SERIOUS surround sound though. also echoey walls. by any chance does he have a spare room? I need it for...

2 months ago
Anon, no need to switch me around. I have no need of power, nor I need of taking human life. Robots with intent on harming others however.....
2 months ago
Great chapter!
The most mind-shattering part of the story???
2 months ago
You’re literally like “I hope you’re ready for a the most mind-shattering part of the story... if it doesn’t shatter my mind first
And then

“Enjoy your day!”
2 months ago
Justy -

Jaze_Dragon - xD I didn't see that
Or did I?
2 months ago
Anon: So wait- where are all of the fictional characters! Like Random Dude, Roommate, Desmond/Glitch, Shadow-
Everyone I said: WE ARE NOT FICTIONAL!!!!!!!
Me: I can take YOU
Everyone I said: *Starts fighting me and kills me*
Me: *Comes back alive and zaps everyone* Welp.
2 months ago
Oh SHOOT. I was talking to you Anon! I wasn't saying it from your perspective! (I was actually asking you)
2 months ago
Why the suspense!?

Just kidding, great chapter!!

plot twist: the crystal changes cakery evil!
2 months ago
What Slimmy said: WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY!?

What Slimmy really said: plot twist: the crystal changes cakery evil!
2 months ago
Oh and Slimmy- It probably can't. Seeing as how Anon and the other users used the crystals to access their profiles.
2 months ago
Lego_Tron -

SlimBrick1 - Thanks!!

legomaster6383 - Indeed xD
2 months ago
1ObSiDiAnFuRy - Thanks!!
2 months ago
sebastianButton.lego - Thanks!!
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