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My Death Eater
Published 1 year ago
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My Death Eater for "Join The Meca-Wizards!!!" by @WizardBuilds1. Feel free to position it as you want. I hope it's good enough!

I would like to make clear that this Death Eater is not supposed to look like me. I would like to remain as anonymous as possible. I realised that most of the Death Eaters in Harry Potter were men, so I decided to make a female one (it does not mean I am female myself, because as I said, I want to remain anonymous).

To anyone else reading this, please check out @WizardBuild1's post I built this for (link above), because I thinks it's an awesome idea!

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1 year ago
That’s a lot of tags!
Your submission will be added soon.
1 year ago
I like how you used the Ultron helmet for her mask, by the way!
1 year ago
Thanks! You should see my post "My Hogwarts House And Patronus, " I added 25 tags for that! I always try to add as many tags as possible so people will be more likely to see my models.

I thought the helmet would work well as a Death Eater mask. I had a lot of options, but I decided to go for that one. Unfortunately the minifigure cannot be built in real life, which is annoying because I prefer to build things that are possible to build out of physical Lego bricks
1 year ago
Hi @brickchee, sorry I don't understand your message because the link doesn't work. Could you please explain what you were trying to send?
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