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Published 7 months ago
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I am worn out. Im running out of ideas...

I may be resuming the Poisoned Legion Series if this keeps up.

Im gonna just take a nap.
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7 months ago
*Puts blanky on you*
"Sleep well, dream big..."
7 months ago
The gun being in this scene is very unsettling....

However, If you want, I need some German prototype weapons/vehicles in lego form for my new story for a few scenes in particular (it's a battle stretched out over multiple scenes), like a Horten 229 or the Flettner helicopter, or something related to infantry weapons. Going into the German prototype range is actually a pretty good idea, I mean, there's like thousands of designs XD. But yeah, just a suggestion.
7 months ago
I know how you feel, just carry on, stay strong and you'll think of something!
7 months ago
Don't worry, happens to me all the time. Keep your day going, and just live life for a bit. You'll get ideas, definitely. I mean, I keep going because I have you giving me custom ideas . . . XD JK

Maybe do some more war scenes from the Battle of Horseshoe Bend, or the War of 1812? Also, some custom historical figures would be pretty neat.
7 months ago
oof same.i know answer to stop it:make random minifigs!
7 months ago
@TCM Well, if ya want, you can make use of my German Uniform Jacket. Its not as good as LegoWilderness' custom minifigs, but it gets the job done.
7 months ago
@TCM Nope, i made the uniforms myself. The Field Webbing is all him, but the Uniform Jackets were my making.
7 months ago
@TCM Also, one more thing, thats my gun. I dont go anywhere without it. What, did you think i shot myself when you first saw this?
7 months ago
@Kraus aight, thx, I'll look at them. I just need something to differentiate between American and German troops.

And, I mean, a lonely guy...sitting at a desk....tired/sad....with a gun right next to him....Well it certainly gave some negative hints XD
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