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4994-1: Fierce Creatures
Published 4 months ago
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4994-1: Fierce Creatures
Official Model - A
Build a realistic and scary spider with eight long legs, big fangs and a bulging abdomen that can move up and down. Make it even scarier by rebuilding it into a creepy bug or slithering snake. Spider legs move at 2 joints! Spider measures over 10' (25 cm) side to side and over 8' (20 cm) front to back! Includes instructions to rebuild into a creepy bug or slithering snake!
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4 months ago
*deep breaths* *deep breaths* *deep—RUN!!!*

(sorry, I'm arachnophobic)
4 months ago
Qwerty7556: Sorry to scare you, I didn't know that there is a separate name for arachnids phobia. I don't like them either but its more of disgust face screaming in fear
4 months ago
He's so cute! I might need to get one for my daughter's husband. He had to give away his pet spider due to travel.

@IstakaCiti is the web in the render a mesh or part of the background?
4 months ago
@SafePit, Its part of background image (from Pixabay) the photographer has done great job to keep the web in sharp focus.
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