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The Fellowship of the Ring
Published 6 months ago
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I will present you the Fellowship of the Ring they are the group of people that wants to destroy the One Ring once and for all,they have to pass between very dangerous places through Middle-Earth. They have to meet Elrond to unite as one,then they have to battle through the Mines of Moria! After the Mines of Moria they went into a field inthat place Boromir dies after trying to steal the Ring,not because he was bad it was because the Ring attracts the people that are not pure of heart(I mean the good ones like Gandalf and Aragorn knows what powers has,so when they try to touch it it hurts)But when Boromir dies Frodo and Sam start their path alone until they meet Gollum,while Frodo and Sam were with Gollum. Aragorn,Legolas and Gimli were looking for Merry and Pippin because when Boromir died they attacked the horde of orcs that attacked Boromir but they have been kidnapped by the horde,but they scape into the woods and meet the Ents, but Aragorn,Legolas and Gimli keeped searching. And happened a lot after that. But they have one task in mind destroy the One Ring who can rule them all once and for all!!!

This MOC set includes:Boromir,Aragorn,Legolas,Gimli,Gandalf,Merry,Pippin,Sam and the one who destroys the Ring:Frodo Baggins.

p.s:If you see Aragorn as a King and Gandalf the white, its because I like them in that way(that way they are so cool!!!)
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