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Among the Stars - Prologue: Before the Dark Times. Before the Empire
Published 4 weeks ago
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The end of the war. The end of the Jedi.

As i sat, curled up against my dead master's body, some clones approached, guns raised, locked on to me and ready to shoot.

The clones. Traitors, murderers. Not just any murderers or traitors. The murderers of my master, who had been there from the start, at Geonosis, when my arm was blown of, at Kamino, when the Seperatists descended on Tipoca City, capturing me and killing many more. My master, my best friend. My ONLY friend.

Inside me a great anger boiled, bubbling and spitting until-

In a great burst of Force power i sent three clone tumbling away, clutching at thin air as their guns flew. The last clone was no luckier. In an anger like no other i hurled my lightsaber at hime, like a blue hurricane, buzzing as it plunged through his skin, ribcage and heart; it came erupting out the other side.
Please render!

Chapter 1 should come out soon, leave any suggestions below as to what should happen next, 10 years into the future when our hero, ApocalypticTeen, struggles to find a life in a galaxy caged by the Empire.
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4 weeks ago
Looks awesome! Can't wait for Ch.1!
4 weeks ago
Thanks Sebachie! I am starting work right away.
4 weeks ago
Nice. I love the light saber through the trooper, very star wars
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