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You can't leave bro
Published 3 months ago
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Bro. You cant leave Mecabricks CJ. You've put way too much effort into your builds and your minifigs to just give up on them. If this is cause you dont want to do the corruption anymore, you dont have too. Just please don't quit. Confused face

This was going to be CJ's memorial model, but then I realized I couldn't just let him give up. Dont leave us bro.
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3 months ago
I second this!
You have like two years of experience with Mecabricks, this huge friend group and community that you and L_L are practically head of, you are currently running the most popular series that Mecabricks has ever seen, the list just goes on!
You can't leave!
At least finish The Corruption first!
3 months ago
Thanks guys, and BB, I couldn't agree more. Do you either of ya want to be added?
3 months ago
Why does CJ want to leave? I mean that's just surprising...
3 months ago
You're welcome.
And sure, if you want me.
3 months ago
@CB I dont know he never said, I hope comes back at least once more to say.
3 months ago
I uh......I don't know what to do....and uh..I was really rude to you guys soo....I know I said I would do "The Apocalypse: Rebooted", I know I said that..and that more of you guys would be included but...I just....I don't know....I did say in "We have a lot to talk about" model, That I would come back at visit every once in a while...Soo..It's not forever...? I don't know..To be honest, I'm getting a little bored with Mecabricks, and I thought acting "corrupted" would help me with the boredness, but I guess not...so...Yeah...
3 months ago
Dont worry bout that, I dont think anyone was really offended. Well, if you dont want to make stories anymore, I know I wouldn't mind you not making them as much as I would you not making anything at all. I guess if you not enjoying building on Mecabricks anymore I could understand why you might quit, but I'm still gonna miss not seeing ya here as often.
3 months ago
If you leave permanently, then i will leave as well <TheCJbricker10>.
3 months ago
BB; Thanks for saying I'm one of the 'Heads'!
(It's cool to feel somewhat important!
(Actually to CJ); I'm okay with you leaving. I'm just surprised just as much as everybody else is.
Gonna miss you Bro.
3 months ago
@L_L: You're welcome, and it kinda is true.
3 months ago
This is so sad, and it all happened while I was in Florida.... But I mean... I chat with him literally everyday on Discord. Soo...
And CJ, I could understand why you would quit, some people just grow out of LEGO's for awhile. Then come back and do a ton more with LEGO's again.
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